Is it really necessary

You know what really bugs me?

Naked men.

No, not just naked men but naked men in advertising.

If an advertising campaign used a half naked woman with her breasts out, they would be seen as sexist and promoting soft porn. You can also bet that the woman involved would get verbally attacked for taking part.

So why is ok for men? I just don’t get it.

Yes I am a lesbian, and yes, I don’t find it attractive or luring, but I wouldn’t find it appealing if it was a woman, that’s my point.

I’m not a man hater in any respect. After all I am currently in the process of raising a young boy to become a man.

Body image seems so important in this day and age and it makes me so sad. Kids can’t just be kids. They’re not running around with mud all over them, in an old pair of cropped jeans and a t shirt. They all want to be little supermodels and they all look the same! I sometimes look at a group of girls, all with that messy up-style’d hair look and I think to myself, they’re the same person. What happened to being an individual?!

I’m determined to raise our son to be proud of what he looks like, to love himself no matter what. I will probably try to keep him up to date with the latest fashion trends but it’s not going to be an important part of his life. I’m going to make sure he enjoys his childhood the way children are supposed to.


I also get frustrated with the gay community when it comes to advertising as well. Just this afternoon I scrolled through my twitter timeline to see a picture of 6 or 7 half naked men to promote a new site which encourages gay men and women to join together and be themselves.

Now, I might just be going mad here but I don’t know how looking at big hunky men with six packs and bulging *ahem* bicep’s will help gay men and woman open up to each other?

If anything it makes them feel inferior.

The lesbian community also loves a stereotype and I have even emailed a well known lesbian magazine in the past, asking them to feature some real life gay women and gay families, not just what the world sees as ‘Lesbian’. They do not reflect my life or a lot of other lesbians I know. I recently wrote a post about how I was encouraged to change my appearance to fit in with the gay community and it’s wrong. These magazines are targeted at young impressionable adults and I think there needs to be a change.

I want to smash stereotypes and taboos about gay women. I hope when you came to our site for the 1st time you thought – ‘Oh, they’re family is just like mine’.

I want to see real people in magazines and in advertising. Whether it’s aimed at the gay or straight community or both. I don’t want to see half naked people because they can’t come up with an original idea. Just normal people living normal lives.

But I suppose that’s why I read more blogs than magazines over the last 2 years. There’s something to be learnt there.


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  1. Mrs TeePot Reply

    I totally know what you mean about reading more blogs and less magazines. In fact, since I discovered blogs I’ve barely read a magazine, I find they all talk a lot of nonsense and are full of ‘celebs’ who I don’t care about.
    I completely agree that real people should be used in advertising, it seems that people are getting way too obsessed with celebrity culture nowadays.

  2. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Oh I like to see a half naked man or woman.
    But I agree we are causing body image problems. We certainly have different rules for men and women.
    It doesn’t make me want to buy anything. It does make me feel a little inferior for sure.
    I have to say I did not have preconceptions of lesbians before having them as friends but I do agree the media straight and gay alike wants people to fit a type. I know as a gay man my brother struggled with it and still does.

    I wish people would care more about people being happy. Life bring happy souls but then I want a rose tinted world.

    Great post. Sorry for rambling. Not really any point xx

  3. Carrie L Reply

    You’re right – I don’t get why to sell a product you need an insanely skinny or attractive person persuading the consumer. I buy most things now on recommendation or review rather than traditional advertising…it all just feels too false.

  4. Hannah Reply

    Your blog certainly does what you hope it will do for your readers. I’ve often wondered about the advertising if men half naked vs the women. It’s the same with all the pg 3 for me. Lots ogle at it and enjoy it, many women are very against it but a page spread of half naked men and lots don’t see it the same way imo.
    I’ll be very honest now, it’s thanks to you and K that I have started to come to terms with my own sexuality which I’ve buried since a teen ignoring it but it’s hard to ignore who you are. I’m bisexual but not ‘out’ .your blog, your writing and real life look at family life regardless of sexuality has helped me more than you know.

    • {C} My Two Mums Reply

      We’re so glad we have been of some help. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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