Jabs and Cuddles

This week Monkey had his second set of jabs to help build his immune system up against all the bugs life is going to throw at him.

Sadly this time I didn’t get to go with him to the doctors as I had to work. So C was the one on hand to hold him tight and administer cuddles once the Nurse had jabbed him.

I didn’t realise how it would make me feel not being there for him when he needed me. I know he will never remember this day. But I was so sad knowing that someone was going to hurt my baby and I wasn’t there to cuddle him afterwards, like I was the first time. Luckily I knew that C would give him even more cuddles to compensate for he fact I had to work and she rang me straight after his jabs to let me know how it went.

We’d already been warned that this lot of jabs would have more impact than the first lot. Touch wood we’d not witnessed any bugs up until this day apart from one evening when he was off colour and seemed to be sick a lot. But he bounced back so quickly from that without a temperature.

This time was different. When I got home from work C was giving a sleepy Monkey cuddles. Which allowed me to take his temperature. I realised I had no idea what was a good temperature for a baby, just what was good for me. Thirty minutes later I took it again. It had risen a whole degree, I knew that wasn’t a good sign. We were witnessing Monkey have his first mini fever.

Jabs and cuddles - mytwomums.com

Straight away we both started to get concerned on what was considered too high a temperature, when did we seek medical advice etc. Nothing prepares you for that helpless feeling. So I did what any other modern parent does. I took to social media for answers.

We stripped him down to his nappy and kept checking his temp regularly. Thankfully it started to go back down and his gorgeous smile replaced his whimpers and frown. It had been such a mini fever yet it had had a mega impact on us. Having a baby is such a learning curve and they certainly don’t come with manuals.

But all the worrying and feeling helpless when your little one is in discomfort is all worth it when they give you their biggest grin when you cuddle them.

Jabs and Cuddles - mytwomums.com

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  1. Sonya Cisco Reply

    It’s horrible when they are poorly isn’t it. Syd was worst after second set, sailed thru third lot- fingers crossed monkey does too! Xx

  2. Erica Price Reply

    I found it such a relief when my son got past his MMR & then we had a big break from jabs. By the time the preschool ones came around, he understood why he needed them and was open to some bribery so it didn’t seem so bad.

  3. More Than Words Reply

    Poor little monkey man! Jabs are the WORST for both baby and mums. After reading your post I realized that I too have now idea what temp would constitute a fever for Grace. I guess I should probably look into that (just in case). Glad to hear that he pulled through like a champ and is doing well. 🙂

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