Janod Magnetic Rocket – Review

Monkey has been testing toys for The Toadstool UK for several months now and hands down I have to say that the Janod Magnetic Rocket is my all time favourite toy he has reviewed.


The brightly coloured rocket comes in 5 pieces that can be stacked together and held in place by mini magnets. The magnets are securely held within the wood, so I had no fears when M placed a piece in his mouth to chomp. I was also impressed with how the rocket shows no signs of his chomping. At nearly 15 months M is able to stack each piece together and spin the bottom rotor blade. I can imagine in a few months time he will being using his imagination more and the play will change.


The colours of the Janod Magnetic Rocket are nice and bright and it looks great sat on his bedside table. We even used it as a prop at his space party. I also have my eye on it for my office desk once he outgrows it, which I don’t see happening for many years.


The Janod Magnetic Rocket retails at £16.50 which I think is a fantastic price for this product. It would make a great Christmas gift and I am sure if we have another little person, I will be adding it to their toy collection as well.


*we received this toy free of charge. All views and opinions are our own.

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  2. eliza_do_lots Reply

    This is by far the best toy we’ve ever had too – we just love it; don’t let 20 stone of man stand on the propeller bit, it doesn’t survive that – though it survives just about everything else

  3. over40andamumtoone Reply

    We’ve had this rocket and the aeroplane for 2 years since my Monkey was 2. They are so well made, beautiful toys, that he still loves playing with now, and they look great on shelves and windowsills too

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