January 2016 – Home Life Project

I started 2016 without any commitments to any blog projects. Clara and I decided that last year we were overwhelmed by the projects we had committed to and struggled to complete the ones we agreed to. Which did not sit well with me at all. So this year we made up our minds to just go with the flow. I wanted to be more creative this year and work on both my film making skills and love of photography. So it was perfect when a week into January I have already found a project I have fallen in love with.

The very lovely Clare from Maybush Studio has begun a project to capture the moments people rarely preserve. The Home Life Project is a great idea to get you to pause and observe the little things that happen where the heart is. The idea is to capture a day in your home, so I captured a Saturday where we spent our morning and evening having fun around the house.

home life project 1

Every weekend begins with hot chocolate on the sofa before the toys come out to play.

project transformer

Project life tuna

I’ve recently added some new motivational cards to our bedroom so that I can wake up with a smile. Our little man is quite fond of them too.

Home Life project 2

project life postcard

project life car race

project life cars

The little dude loves scents and if he sees us applying perfume, he has to have some too. 

project life

I love watching these two play together. They are both very competitive and it often ends in giggles.

project life connect

Home life 3

project lift

Clara and I are eating healthier this year, so she decided to cook a sweet potato veggie curry. It was delicious!

project life cook

Then it was back to the toys and a spot of TV before bed.

project life toys

project tv


Do go check out the rest of the fab bloggers linking up, it’s such a great photography project to support.

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  1. Maria | One Tiny Leap Travel Reply

    I love this project too, such a good incentive to go and capture these little moments! Great idea to start your weekend with hot chocolate 😀 I’m trying to do croissants and warm milk for ours. We’re really keen on Connect4 too, but UNO is the ruler of all games in this household! We’re on our 3rd pack! xx

  2. Clare Mansell Reply

    Oh Kirsty, I love these! That one with M with his arms out is pure joy and the perfume sniffing one is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we miss! Theo’s best Christmas present was the tinted lip balm in his cracker and yet I don’t have a picture of him applying it – so I need to sort that before the moment is gone! Thank you so much for joining in and supporting this. 🙂

  3. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    I love these kind of photos, I think you get a real insight into a family with photos like this. I want to take more photos in the house but my house is so dark- it is like a cave. x

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