January 2017 – Home Life Project

Last year the very lovely Clare from Maybush Studio created the Home Life Project. It was a project I was keen to join in with and was looking forward to documenting a year in our house. But unfortunately I only posted 3 months worth of Home Life Project posts (Jan, Feb, December) due to us having to leave our rented accommodation as the homeowner decided to sell the house. December’s post saw us settling into our new home, which meant I was really pleased when Clare said she was continuing the project this year. I look forward to documenting our first year in our new home.

Our Saturday started with Clara taking M swimming whilst I got M’s bike ready for him to learn how to ride it. I spent an hour working on various sites before Clara returned with an excited M.

Spiderman - Home Life Project

Laptop - Home Life Project

M immediately started trying to ride around the kitchen before we popped his coat and helmet on and took him outside. It took M no more than ten minutes before he was riding up and down outside the house. He is a determined little boy and loves being independent. I love that he can now add bike riding to his rapidly growing list of skills.

Bike - Home Life Project

M received lots of Lego for Christmas which has given us some lovely moments at the dining table as we sit creating.

creating - Home Life Project

Lego - Home Life Project

M building - Home Life Project

Lego boat - Home Life Project

I had promised M we would make cookies in the afternoon, which ended up being a disaster. But the baking part was fun. I have a feeling the recipe I used called for too much butter, which is why they ended up a flat mess.

Cooking with M - Home Life Project

cooking prep - Home Life Project

1 cup - Home Life Project

making cookies - Home Life Project

Once M went to bed I turned the kitchen into my only mini nightclub whilst I tried a new recipe. Clara and I have been trying to follow a meal plan of healthy home cooked meals this year and so far we are doing very well.

Amazon Dot - Home Life Project

Beef and olive meatballs - Home Life Project

Cooking - Home Life Project

Thankfully the meal wasn’t a disaster like the cookies and will be one I try again soon. After dinner I added some pages to my Bullet Journal, if you have no clue what a bullet journal visit Nickie’s site to find out.

Bullet Journal - Home Life Project

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  1. Alice & Amelia Reply

    Lovely series of photos, really show an insight into your day! Well done M for learning to ride your bike so fast!

  2. claire Reply

    Lovely photos. It’s always frustrating when a new recipe doesn’t work out especially when children are involved. Hope your son wasn’t too disappointed.

  3. Clare Mansell Reply

    Your house looks lovely, I particularly love the wooden worktops (always wanted them, but when we fitted our kitchen we had to put something more practical in as it was going to be rented for 3 years) It’s a funny thing to say but I get a distinct feeling of warmth amd cosiness from this month’s photos, but perhaps that’s your words too. Thank you for joining, I’m going to really enjoy seeing you settle into your home this year.

  4. Donna Wishart Reply

    This post made me quite emotional. I know, it’s just an ordinary day. But, you get to start the project in your very own home. A new year, in a new home, with your family. And look at it – bike rides, lego, baking and grown up time too. It’s perfect. So happy for you guys x

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