Juggling too many balls

Clara and I like to keep busy at all times. We do like the odd day to relax, but we almost always fill every weekend and evening with something. This not only means we get to do fun things, see lots of people and study new subjects, it also means occasionally we burn out a little.

One of the things we’ve been asked a lot this year since starting the daily vlogs, is “how do you do it all”. By all, people are referencing both working full time jobs, both studying for new qualifications, parenting, filming our daily lives and keeping a relationship alive. Too be honest, I’ve started to feel like we’re juggling too many balls. Now we are no means as busy as some. I know many manage a 40 hour working week whilst raising multiple children, cooking the perfect meals and still have time to knit bed covers by lamplight, but I can only comment from our way of life.

When too many balls are juggled, you eventually start to drop some and these past few months I’ve felt my grip loosen on some of the balls. I haven’t been the best friend I could be, my sociology paper wasn’t the best one I could submit and I’ve struggled to find the motivation to complete the exercise classes I promised myself I’d start. So why am I sharing this? Well really it’s to maintain the honesty we share on our blog. I want our blog to be as true a reflection as possible of our lives, without airing all our dirty laundry. I want people to realise that sometimes it’s ok to discover you can’t commit to everything and it’s ok to drop some balls every now and then.

I’ve put a plan into action to make sure I stop juggling some of the balls I don’t really need to juggle. I wanted so badly to work on me this year and I’m letting things slip as I’m getting overwhelmed. So I am making my health a priority. I have an operation scheduled for the end of next month and I want to be feeling the best I can before my road to recovery. If that means I don’t press myself to get too physical beforehand, then so be it. I owe it to our little man to not push myself to destruction. I am going to keep up my walking and healthy eating, but not commit to anything strenuous. Which will leave me raring to go with my Spartan training once I’m healed.


Life has a way of testing our limits and everyday I am discovering new limits. But being the person I am, I’m determined to push certain limits and respect others. I want to be the best I can be for both my wife and son and more importantly, myself.

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  1. Life With Munchers Reply

    I know the feeling all too well! Take your foot off the gas for a bit and appreciate the things around you. Easy to say, but so hard when EVERYTHING is a priority! Hope it eases soon x

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    I can completely relate. I have been thinking recently that something has to give and this sums it up pretty well. I hope your op goes ok. Will be thinking of you x

  3. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    My sweet friend.
    Firstly I will stop you right there with the not the best friend comment. You are an amazing friend.

    I think you writing this post will help so many. So many people are feeling so similar. Struggling to balance and you will make them less alone.

    I will do anything to help you xx

  4. Emma Collins Reply

    I find that when I burn out … i really burn out! i always kick myself for juggling so much but i’m enthused by life and by learning every day. I work part time, doing a full time job and i’m mummy to three little girls. I want to blog, study, cook,run, socialise and … sleep! I want it all and often get carried away with life. When I burn… i burn! I get incredibly low and lonely and promise myself that I will focus on me for my sanity and for my childrens sake. i promise myself that I will be a better wife, friend, mum, employee but it all does come with a price. I think you are doing an incredible job. Good luck xx

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