June 2017 – Home Life Project

This month’s Home Life Project photos were taken in between moments of downtime for our little man. We’ve had several bugs pass though the household the last few weeks and this weekend M managed to catch one.

I really can’t believe we are in June already and am actually writing this whilst over a week in June has passed. We had a really busy May, with June and July looking even busier. Our weekend didn’t plan on being busy, so I knew I’d be able to snap some photos at home, hoping I’d get into the garden with M.

I was pleased when M decided to help me pitch our new tent for a test run. Since M started joining me at Beavers he has been so helpful and independent when it comes to tasks. Our tent is incredibly easy to pitch, so I gave him all the poles, showed him how to put one together and left him to it.

prepping the tent home life project

tent poles home life project

tent building home life project

sorting poles home life project

helpful home life project

jumping tent home life project

big smiles home life project

tent smiles home life project

Next month I am going to do my best to capture more around the home. But the weather has not been the greatest, so it was nice to document some time in our garden.

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