“Just Google it Mama”

Our little man makes us laugh every single day, there is no exception. Both Clara and I have wondered if his life goal is to become a comedian, as his timing and expressions are super natural and have us in stitches. I know as his parents we are going to find him funny, adorable, intelligent and more, but he makes our days at least 95% funnier.

Before we became parents, I had visions of us hurriedly collecting the cute phrases our child said and storing them all in a book for them to laugh over with their partner on one of their trips to our home. In reality, M says about a thousand things a day that I just don’t have time to process, let alone write down in a notebook. He is constantly outwitting me, sharing a very witty quip that throws me off guard during a moment of discipline or responding to a basic question with something I never expected.

His newest phrase that guarantees a little chuckle from me is, “Just Google it Mama”. I can’t recall the first time he said it, but I can assure you that he had me laughing the moment it left his lips. We are a gadget loving family and can often be found asking Siri if it’s going to rain today or Googling why pigs are pink, but we hadn’t noticed how much this influences our little man’s opinion on how we learn.

M is usually on hand to recommend Google whenever either of us asks a question he fears we cannot answer. “Where is the TV remote?” – “Google it Mummy”, “Why is there a dinosaur in the garden?” – “hmm Google it”, “M why haven’t you eaten your dinner” – “Just Google will know Mama”. Now before the anti tech lovers pounce, our little man is exposed to many educational tools and not just Google. It is our favourite search engine, but he also knows we can pick up a book to find new information. I may have taught him how to ask Siri when it’s going to rain, but I will also make sure he know how to use common sense, a library and communication to form responses to his questions.


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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    He sounds like such a great character! It’s amazing the things children pick up and that phrase will definitely be one his generation use often! x

  2. tamarsb Reply

    Love this! My nephew loves torturing Siri and Google – “Mar Mar let’s ask google why cheetah’s have spots” to “Siri when will Ronan (little brother) go away!”

  3. geekmummy Reply

    We get this at home a lot too, as you can imagine! My kids have mastered “OK Google” with my husband’s phone, although before my son got the hang of that he used to say “OK Daddy’s Phone” which was remarkably cute! I’m not a big Siri user so they haven’t really tried that so much.

  4. Cariemay Reply

    Aww that’s so cute!! Just wait til he gets big enough to tease Siri!!

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