Kari Me Sling – REVIEW

Both Clara and I decided as soon as we knew she was pregnant, that we wanted to try babywearing once our little one arrived.

It took some convincing of Clara to invest in a fabric sling, as she was unsure if they were safe or not. After doing my research and putting my views across, she decided to read the reviews and we purchased a Kari Me sling.

The Kari me sling retails at £44.95, which did seem very expensive at first for what we could see was just some fabric. But once we received it we realised it was worth the money.

Straight away we were impressed by the travel bag it came in, which will make it easy to stash under the pushchair or in a rucksack for when we are out and about. We went for a black sling as we felt it would go with most outfits (if you’re into fashion).  I could see us getting another colour in the future.

Inside the bag is the Kari Me Sling and some easy to follow instructions.

We have had the Kari Me sling for a few months now and I advise if you are considering using one from birth, then you should buy in advance and practice. Then practice some more.

We have both semi mastered three ways of using the Kari Me Sling. For the purposes of this review we will introduce Boris our review bear.

The cuddly hold, which positions the baby to one side of you, almost in a way you would hold the baby in the crook of your arm feels like the most comfortable way to hold a newborn baby.

At the moment it takes Clara about 15 minutes to get the sling on and everything straightened out and comfortable with Boris in, we think this is due to the amount of fabric involved in the sling. I imagine we will shave some time off this once we have practiced with a real baby for several months.

Another hold is where the baby lays chest to chest against you. I like this hold most as it feels most secure and comfortable.

Then there is the front facing hold. I know some people do not like this way of carrying a baby. Plus you should never use this hold until baby can hold their head up for a generous amount of time. I couldn’t see us using this hold but we don’t really know until baby is here.

Overall we found the Kari Me sling to be very comfortable and easy to use once we had practiced several times. I am worried that the black colour could make us and the baby hot in the summer, which is a worry when we are having a summer baby. Clara is concerned that during some of the holds, she struggles to get it to feel tight enough. I think with practice we can combat this. If anyone has any tips we would appreciate them.

The true test will be once baby is here.

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  1. S And L Reply

    Me and L would definitely have a sling when we have babies, I think babies carried in slings always look calmer and happier, and it looks easier than manoeuvring huge buggies around all the time! S xx

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