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Our second blogger for our Monday’s Modern Families series is the lovely Katie.

Katie is a full time mother to Chubs, walker to Winston the dog, chef & washer woman to Boyfriend, part time midwife & blogger at Chubs and love. She has a serious cake addiction and would probably fight you to death over a bourbon biscuit. She blogs about life with her beautiful girl, juggling work, with the odd recipe thrown in for good measure.

My Fairytale Ending

Ever since I was little I’ve known that I was meant to have a family. I always knew I would get married, live in a pretty house and have some babies. Well, that was the plan anyway. Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works but things still turn out OK.

I’m ridiculously lucky to have Boyfriend. He’s amazing. We rarely disagree and he’s endlessly practical and capable, whilst I’m scatty and a bit rubbish. I adore him and wouldn’t be without him. One big issue we do disagree on is the one of marriage. We’ve been together for 8 years now and there’s no sign of it. No little whiff on the horizon. This is mostly fine with me, but I always thought it would be part of my life. I’m a traditional girl at heart, I want the husband, the 2.4 children, the dog and the roses round the door. I know how fortunate I am, I have a wonderful man who loves me and is completely committed to me, we have our house (no roses, but I adore it), we have beautiful, beautiful Chubs and the pets, Dave the cat and Winston the puppy.


I’m not sure why marriage is so important to me. My parents have been married for over 30 years and are each others best friends. They still hold hands when they go out and kiss each other goodnight and hello every day. I watch them together, how happy they are and I want that. Not that you need to be married to be happy. What I really hate is Chubs having a different surname to me. She is MY baby. I grew her in my belly, I pushed her out and I nurse and nurture her every day. It feels unfair that she doesn’t carry my name. Unfortunately its a lose-lose situation and one of us will always be upset!

I’m not saying getting married will change the way I feel about my little family, or that I think you should be married to have children. According to the Office of National Statistics 42% of marriages in 2011 ended in divorce. Is this a stat I want to contribute to? After all, we have a mortgage and a child. We are ‘married’ in all but name and I won’t love him any more than I already do.

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll surprise me and I’ll get that sparkly ring, white dress and fairytale ending after all.

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  1. Charlotte Taylor Reply

    I know exactly how you feel Katie. Our son was a complete surprise and we were supposed to do the whole wedding thing first and then have a baby when we were about 27. I’m 26 in January, I have a 16 month-old and we’ve not long since been in our new house. We have everything that looks like marriage and yet I’m the stand-alone Taylor. My boys are Darrochs. This weekend I’ll be celebrating my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. And, sadly, I wonder if I’ll ever get to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Despite being with Ste for six years. So yes, I know just how you feel. It matters, but it doesn’t matter. In a roundabout way. xx

  2. Claire Reply

    its an odd one this, because it only matters if you value it. I don’t think it would worry me, but then, I am married and although L was a surprise, we were already planning out marriage (and postponed it because of pregnancy!). Im not thinking about my friend, 2 kids, partner for at least ten years, not married. They have decided that the house and the lifestyle is mpore important than a wedding right now, but she would like to get married. Hmmmm. Im waffling with no point so will shut up.

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