Keeping our relationship strong

One of the most important observations I made when we became parents was that even though our new human was now our favourite human, we would make sure to keep our relationship strong. In the future that human would grow up to possibly start a family of their own and fly the nest and I want to make sure Clara and I still love the bones of each other.

We’ve had our ups and downs over the years. Various challenges we faced tested us not only as people but as a couple. But with the wisdom of a friend reminding me that marriage was a marathon and not a sprint, we have both made the effort to see each other as more than just two parents living together whom share a love of Ru Pauls Drag Race.

This year we decided to make more time for each other, spend a day just us, or go away for a weekend to party for Pride. All this has been made easier by M growing up and becoming more independent as he loves going off to Nanny or Nanna’s house for the day or weekend.

A few weeks ago we booked a day off work to attend M’s school sports day, but due to the heatwave they decided to change the date. This left us with a whole day to spend together, so we did what we do best and headed to the coast.

Lulworth smiles

Lulworth Couple

We are lucky to live about 30 minutes away from several beautiful coastal locations. So Clara suggested we take a trip to Lulworth Cove and climb a very steep hill whilst we are there. There is a story behind the climbing of the hill, which took place when we first visited Lulworth Cove before we moved to Dorset. We were both very overweight and unfit and took forever to climb the hill, before spending an age at the top catching our breaths.

Lulworth Kiss

This time we climbed the hill in hardly any time at all. We stopped only to take a few pictures of the view and then enjoyed a couple of celebratory minutes at the top, before heading down to cool our feet in the sea.

Lulworth Climb

Lulworth view

Lulworth cove view

It was exactly what we needed, just time together to talk, enjoy each others company and sit in silence (something that is rare when you have a child). We’ve already planned some more time just for us in a few weeks and I really can’t wait!

Lulworth coast

Lulworth grin

Lulworth cove water

Lulworth Cove Dorset

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  1. Kay Reply

    Lovely photos! You are right so important in any relationship to spend time together and make the effort

    Kate xx

  2. Jo (Meemamas) Reply

    Gorgeous pictures, I’m jealous of that beautiful beach! Great idea to make sure that you make time for each other. Looking forward to hearing about future adventures!

  3. Kara Reply

    Yes to all of this.
    Ash and I made the same promise to ourselves at the beginning of the year.

    Whilst we can not get away overnight we are making the most of the school hours and have a day date at least once a fortnight. Just time together as adults with no stress or worries.

    I am so pleased you to had a wonderful day.
    And big high fives for the climb. Amazing ladies.

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