Kingston Lacy at Christmas

Last year we visited Kingston Lacy at Christmas time and started possibly one of my favourite traditions of December. During December the team at Kingston Lacy set the home out to reflect how the previous owners, The Bankes family, enjoyed Christmas day.

Christmas tree Kingston Lacy 2017

From entering the house you take a trip back in time to discover the games room laid out with decks of cards and domiones. This is one of our favourite rooms in the house due to the rather large Christmas tree set up at the end of the room. We always take the time to play a game of dominoes or cards with M before moving on to the performance room.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Cards

Kingston Lacy Christmas games

Christmas tree Kingston Lacy

The performance room is where the Bankes children got dressed up and put on little Christmas plays for their family. M and I got dressed up and attempted to put on a performance, but M got stage fright, so I said my lines and took a bow. It wasn’t really Oscar worthy but it made a few visitors smile.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Play

The next room we entered was the main dining room, set up with information on presents the servants receive and what the Bankes family eat for Christmas dinner. It’s so interesting to read the little bits of information around the rooms and now that M is reading we were able to get him to read a couple.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Dinner table

Kingston Lacy Christmas Dinner

On our way out the dining room we bumped into our friends from West Country Mum and spent some time wandering back round the rooms. After the boys had played in the different rooms it was time to head downstairs to make some decorations and taste some delicious shortbread and ginger cake.

Kingston Lacy Christmas smiles

Christmas Kingston Lacy Friends

Christmas games Kingston lacy friends

Christmas games

Christmas Kingston Lacy dominoes

Christmas smiles Kingston Lacy

Unfortunately the weather outside was awful, so the woodland walk area was closed and it was far too wet to wander the grounds. We headed to the cafe for hot chocolate and cake, before the wet weather caused an electrical fault and we were plunged into darkness. Luckily we’d eaten all our cake and were able to head outside into the rain again. It was such a lovely afternoon that put smiles on all our faces.

It will be interesting to see how much M grows between now and our visit next Christmas. If you can get to Kingston Lacy this side of Christmas we highly recommend it, it really looks lovely.

Friends Christmas Kingston Lacy

Sleigh Christmas Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy Friends

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