Lamaze Toy Review

We are huge fans of Lamaze toys, and we have a pretty impressive collection, which we have been buying since M was tiny.

He goes through phases of wanting to play with them, we thought maybe the toys we had were getting a little bit young for him. Then a couple of weeks ago we were asked if we wanted to review some Lamaze toys which are aimed at older babies, specifically designed for coordination development and motor skills. We thought it was a great idea.

We were sent –

Frankie the Hanky Whale

We really like this toy. The whale has a hole in the mouth which travels up to the ‘breathing hole’ (not sure how else to say that lol) and inside are some hankies. The idea is that babies put their hands inside and pull the hankies through each direction.


It started off great for us until the hankies came loose and M realised that he could throw them around and eventually hid them at the bottom of his toy box. Now Frankie is a whale without his hankies and we’re not too worried. Monkey loves to walk around with it regardless. We’re still trying to encourage him to put things into the mouth to help his motor skills. (it is so easy to resew the hankies to the whale, but we have just as much fun without them attached)

Frankie retails at £12.99, considering the size of the toy, I think this is quite reasonable.

My First Ted

This is very cute. It has a little crinkly bottom and squeaky feet. It’s very soft and is a perfect toy for a little one. Actually it’s a great gift idea. Very colourful and engaging.


We found this product was a little too young for Monkey. Even though he is only just taking an interest in teddies, we has one special toy which is with him 24/7 so poor little My First Ted is not played with very much. We feel if we had introduced My First Ted sooner, M would have more interest in him. But we will possibly find him a new home with a lucky family member.


This toy retails at £11.99. If you’re looking for a gift that price is very good.

Kangaroo Sitting Toy

We saved the best till last. We love this toy. The Kangaroo is able to sit on the floor and comes with 3 little balls, which you can put inside the little pouch.

It’s shameful to say it but Kirsty and I have had oodles of fun trying to get the balls inside the pouch from a distance. M also loves it. He’s just starting to learn how things fit together and loves to put the balls in and take them out. It’s simple but effective. I would recommend this toy to anyone.


The Kangaroo retails at £14.99 which is a bargain in my eyes.

*We were sent these toys for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Lauren Reply

    I need to get a Christmas present for my friends 8 month old daughter.
    These look perfect. Great review and photos x

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