Last minute Christmas gift ideas (for 4 yr olds)

We all have that moment where we panic that we have forgotten to buy a present for a friend who will be popping by with their child. Luckily it’s Saturday and there is still time to pop to the shops to buy that last minute Christmas gift (unless you are reading this after Christmas Eve).

So here are some last minute Christmas gift ideas that you could pick up in town today.

Christmas gift

Selection box – It’s not Christmas unless you get at least one of these as a child. So one of these would go down very well if you are looking for a nice little gift without spending too much.

Books – If you know your little visitor is a lover of a books then you can not go wrong with the gift of a book. If anyone ever tells you you can have too many books, they are wrong.

Walkie Talkies – Our little man loves to pretend he is exploring on a big adventure and most of this friends are the same. So a set of Discovery Channel Walkie Talkies could keep the children entertained during their visit. These walkie talkies also have a range of 3km, so the fun doesn’t have to just take place in one room.


Lego – There are so many fun little lego sets available from everywhere these days, you are bound to be able to pick one up in town.

Family game – Our little man suggested Jenga, Crocodile Dentist or Hungry Hippos.

A cinema voucher – I know many hate gifting vouchers to people as they feel it lacks imagination, but a cinema voucher is a good idea for a little film lover as they can use it when they find a film they really want to see. I know what our little man would spend his cinema voucher on next year.

Do you have any last minute Christmas gift ideas or are you currently procrastinating before heading into town for that last minute panic?

We received a set of Walkie Talkies for the purpose of this post.

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