Lesbian and Gay must see movies

Last night C and I got talking about lesbian and gay must see movies after we took a Buzzfeed Lesbian themed movie quiz. I’ve managed to watch 23 of the lesbian films on the list and C has watched only 9. We both decided to make it our mission to watch the rest of the films on the list, no matter how awful some of them may be.

Since we’ve been together we’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection of lesbian and gay themed films and television series. I think I spent most of the first years after coming out, watching as many lesbian films as I could. I have my favourites and C has hers, interestingly they are not the same.

I thought it would be fun if we shared the films and TV series we own and tell you whether they are worth watching or not. Some of them are funny, some romantic and some cover important issues.


Better than Chocolate – This is about two women who meet, move in together, encounter dramas and roll around in paint together. It’s quite far fetched, all though C and I did meet and move in together pretty much as fast as they do in the film. Worth a watch, but not Oscar worthy.

Lost and Delirious – Two boarding school roommates are lovers, until their relationship is exposed. Great acting from Piper Perabo, even if she does seem way too old to be at school. Worth a watch, you may cry.

The Truth about Jane – I got this because it stars Stockard Channing and I had a major crush on her after watching Grease. She plays Jane’s mum and is frankly a bit of a bitch. Jane’s first sexual encounter is with a girl, which doesn’t go down well with those in her life. Not really worth a watch, unless you are wanting to watch as many lesbian themed films as you can.

Gia – I bought this during my “mad about Angelina Jolie” years. To be honest I still find her very attractive, but don’t obsess as much about her movies any more. This movie follows the true life story of Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s. It’s certainly worth a watch.

Foxfire – Another Angelina movie. This time Angelina plays a high school age girl who befriends some other girls after a teacher sexually assaults one of them. The lesbian theme isn’t as strong as in other films mentioned in this post. But it’s suggested. Worth a watch.

Kissing Jessica Stein – This film follows the story of a women on the search for the perfect man, but discovers the perfect woman, or is she? Not really worth a watch, well possibly, it isn’t awful.

Saving Face – Clara says this is her favourite lesbian movie and I have to agree that it is rather lovely. The story is centered around a Chinese-American lesbian who may or may not be on the search for the perfect love against her mother’s wishes. Watch this film!

But I’m a Cheerleader – This is my ultimate favourite lesbian themed movie. I adore the cast and love the way that three of them are best friends in real life and frequently hashtag this movie. A teenage girl is sent to a Gay rehab center after her parents and friends suspect she is a lesbian. What follows is very funny. Worth watching lots.

Loving Annabelle – I’m not too keen on this movie, but C really likes it. Annabelle is a new girl at a Catholic school who gets a little too close to one of her teachers. Worth a watch if you ask C.

Monster – This is a very dark film based on the life of prostitute turned serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. Great acting by Charlize Theron. Worth a watch.

The kids are all right – This is about two children conceived by artificial insemination who find their donor and invite him to get to know their family. Neither of us like the way this story goes. Not really worth a watch.


During the years C and I have been together, we have spent many hours watching lesbian themed Boxsets and TV series. C’s favourite is The L Word, mine is Tipping the Velvet. We recently spent about a month working our way through The L Word from the first episode to final season. I don’t think anything comes close to The L Word in terms of a long term lesbian series.

Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith are adapted from Sarah Waters books and are brilliant. Both offer very different stories designed to draw you into a different era. I highly recommend a viewing.


The Laramie Project – This is a film version of the play written about interviews about Matthew Shepard. Matthew Shepard was a 21 year old, murdered in Laramie. It was reported he was murdered because he was gay. This film is a must watch.

Milk  – We both love this film and think it is a must watch for everyone. It follows Harvey Milk, who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official.

Queer as Folk – This is one of the first gay themed things I ever watched after coming out. It was quite groundbreaking at the time and opened my eyes to a scene I had yet to step foot into. Worth a watch.

There are quite a few more I’ve watched that we haven’t mentioned, but these should start you off, should you wish to watch any lesbian and gay themed films. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed your favourite. Or tell us what you think about the ones we’ve mentioned and don’t forget to take the Buzzfeed quiz, we’d love to know your score.

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  1. Hayley Reply

    I loved Milk, thought it was such a great film. I love your movie critique, would like to see more of this! So which of these do I simply HAVE to watch? Going to Love Film it RIGHT NOW

  2. Corrette Reply

    But I’m a Cheerleader is probably my fave too but OH loves Loving Annabelle & Nina’s Heavenly Delights. D.E.B.S is funny one that I quite enjoy watching. We’ve done the whole L word marathon too, definitely can’t beat it. I did the quiz when you tweeted it & got 24! 😉

  3. Carly Reply

    I genuinely can’t think of any films I’ve seen with lesbians in but have seen a few with gay characters or gay scenes with an old school friend who was gay (obv he still is I just don’t see him often anymore) All I can think of is Brokeback Mountain and American Beauty as ones that were actually good films.

  4. Kim Searle Reply

    If These Walls Could Talk 2 is my fave (along with But I’m a Cheerleader) and is definitely worth a watch! Having said that…I haven’t seen it in years since I lent it to someone and never got it back, so may not be as good as I remember…

  5. Donna Wishart Reply

    We loved Milk and I enjoyed Tipping The Velvet – never seen The L Word. I liked Brokeback Mountain – Can’t think of any others not in your collection x

  6. Tracie Reply

    We loved ‘imagine me and you’ with piper perabo and Lena headey!! We bought it for all our friends and they loved it too x

  7. Super Busy Mum Reply

    I’ll be honest, the only one I’ve seen out of those is monster and man, that was an epic show. Scary to think what she went through and the measures she was pushed to taking. Theron was amazing.

  8. Hannah Reply

    Haven’t seen any of these but would sure like have a go at a few of them, lots of good films there. One gay/lesbian film I really quite liked was High Art but I think most wouldn’t get into it x

  9. Jennifer Howze Reply

    Boys Don’t Cry is a great film, with Hilary Swank. That’s also based on a true story about Brandon Teena who dressed as a boy but was anatomically and dated a woman, before being found out and murdered by acquaintances. You might say that’s more of a trans film but well worth watching.

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