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Yesterday I awoke from an unbroken sleep, post Valentines, to a happy jabbering toddler and a gorgeous wife fast asleep next to me. It was a lovely feeling. I feel so grateful for the love in my life. I feel grateful that I have been born into a loving and understanding family.

I also woke up to the news that Ellen Page had publicly come out to the world at the human rights conference Time to THRIVE last night. We watched with a sense of pride filling us from head to toe. She spoke with great sincerity and declared her wiliness to help all those who are oppressed by their basic human emotion to love a person of the same sex. She stated and I quote “I’m tired of hiding and I am tried of lying by omission” these words will live with me. As I looked over at my little family, I thought of those who are not so lucky to live their life openly and freely.

When I came out, I felt the need to keep it a secret, not for very long as within a few months my friends and family knew and it started to become part of their every day lives. I kept it a secret from myself for those months. It was pure denial. How lucky am I that the only person I felt the need to hide it from was myself?

My heart aches for those living in fear, who need to hide away as a matter of life and death. In a documentary I watched the other day I learnt that the Russian government are trying to pass a law to ensure all children being raised by LGBT parents are taken into care. If anyone tried to take my boy from me I would fight until my last breath to keep him by our side and I know Kirsty would do the same. We live in a relatively liberal country where we don’t have to worry about that happening to us but that doesn’t stop me wanting to reach out to those men and women. I want to tell them they are perfect and have done nothing wrong. I hope one day this blog will reach as many people as possible because that is the point. Showing the world how similar our lives are to theirs, its just who we love that makes a slight difference.

People have said that it’s not a big deal Ellen Page has come out, I whole heartedly disagree with them. If these celebrities, who feature in the media and act as role models to hundreds of thousands of people across the world take the brave step to stand up and say “I am gay” the world moves another step closer towards equality. We need them to say it out loud.

Kirsty and I are very proud to be out and proud and we are grateful for you all reading our blog and helping us spread our message. So we thank you for your support.


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  1. LesBeMums Reply

    Awesome post – thank you for sharing. I’ve been meaning to write something around Ellen’s speech, it’s inspiring.

    It’s a shame, however, that there still has to be an “announcement” to what sexual preference someone prefers, although I appreciate that that wasn’t the main essence of her speech. Why can someone just “be”, if that makes sense. Why can’t someone just fall in love with someone and just “be”.

    It just shows how far we are from just walking down the street without the media putting us into slots. Yes, we have moved on from when we were persecuted for our choices, but the fact that celebs still need to “announce” is awful, in my opinion. It’s none of anyone’s business but their own.

    I hate it that we STILL have to categorise, label and put ourselves in that “slot”. I look forward to when a woman or man can be seen to be dating someone (same sex or not) and there isn’t an article speculating or concluding whether that person is gay/straight/bi.

    Thanks again for sharing.



    great post. my close friend has just fallen in love with a girl. Prior to this she was married to a man & has 2 children with him. She has shown such immense, powerful inspiring strength in her love for her girlfriend & couldn’t be more proud. Love doesn’t have a gender choice. It can be so profound in the best people we meet. Love is love :):) xxx

  3. Steph Reply

    Love this post! I’m really struggling with the fact that we’re in socchi full stop, but I suppose one good thing to come out of it is it’s raising the profile of voices and human rights issues that might otherwise be ignored. I love reading your blog. You’ve such a scrummy little boy, your photography is gorgeous and I think your writing is a really powerful tool for change. Love needs to be normalised, regardless of what it looks like xx

  4. Elvira Reply

    Super post. And those saying it’s not a big deal. I understand that. It isn’t to me, and I wish it wasn’t to the world, because that would mean we’d thought it was not worth mentioning it, because it’s normal! But until it is: Yay! for Ellen and your post! x

  5. Baked Potato Mummy Reply

    Brilliant post. Your family is a true inspiration. I really hope Ellen’s speech marks another step on the path of improvement for so many people who are living in fear of being themselves x

  6. Cariemay Reply

    Well said you, and well said Ellen Page! I can only hope that such openness is the start of good change.

  7. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I have tears reading this post and watching this video, what Ellen Page has done is all kinds of awesome, there is still too much discrimination in this world and it angers me. It angers me that people will pass comment in a bad way. It angers me that my brother may experience negativity, it angers me he has gone from wanting children to someone or somebodies making him think that is not possible.
    You Kirsty and Clara inspire me, I know you just class your life as normal, as I do mine, but as you always say to me you are a superstar and I feel exactly the same.
    I shall continue to always help you spread the word anyway I can xx

  8. Julie's Notebook Reply

    I love your little family so much, this is such a great post.
    I know it sounds hollow as I live with a guy, but I’m bisexual. I don’t like the “bisexual” word though, it sounds kinda cold. Anyhow I am nearer gay than straight, my Blokey is an exception, as most men repell me. I am so glad I am not Russian, but I recognise the self denial you explained Clara. If I had met a lady not a man in a bar 12 years ago i’d be right where you and K are.

  9. emmasouthlondon.wordpress.com Reply

    Great post – honesty is surely the most important thing.
    Enjoy your lovely family.
    Emma 🙂

  10. Lauren Reply

    Such a great post, once again. I don’t know who Ellen Page is but I think what she has done is amazing, especially in front of such a large audience.
    Russia taking children into care is wrong wrong wrong and so pathetic. x

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