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If you didn’t know already, Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I’ve always loved dressing up and watching horror films as long as I can remember. When M came along we’ve started to look for more family friendly ways to enjoy Halloween. We take M trick or treating to local houses that enjoy Halloween too, but we wanted him to have even more fun this year. Which is why we were really happy when Big Fish Little Fish got in touch with us about an event they were hosting in association with Out With The Family.

halloween skeleton

On Sunday 19th at Shapes in Hackney Wick from 2-4.30pm Big Fish Little Fish will be providing spooky entertainment, glitter cannons, a parachute dance, craft tables and play areas. On top of all this there will be a mini rave hosted by DJs the London Readers Wifes. Our little man is quite the mover, so we are excited to see how he gets on on the dance floor. We know several people who attended the Big Fish Little Fish event at Camp Bestival and scuse the pun, were raving about it, so we are quite excited to be attending.

We were especially excited to attend, due to the parties association with Out With The Family. Out With The Family run a series of events aimed at LGBT families and straight allies, this helps to aid networking of gay parents and children of same-sex parents. M has recently become more aware of how he has a Mummy and a Mama and some of his friends have a Mummy and a Daddy. It’s been great being able to tell him that he is going to meet other children who have two mummies like him.

We have never felt unable to attend family events without LGBT links. But being able to attend an event knowing other same sex parents will be there is great. Out With The Family have an aim to create a safe and inclusive space where children of LGBT parents can play and engage with others in similar circumstances and not be the odd one out. Our little guy gets on with many different people, but as he grows we’d like him to know families who are LGBT too, so that if he ever encounters anything that concerns or confuses him, he will have other people to talk to.

skeleton halloween

Tickets are on sale now, right here. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £4.50 for walking children (plus booking fees). Younger children are free.

*We have been offered tickets for this event. We also wanted to write about this event as we really support the ethos behind Out With The Family.

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