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We first became aware of Lifeproof covers for the iPhone and iPad when I was looking for a durable cover to protect our iPad. We are a family that like our tech and shiny fragile unprotected gadgets don’t mix well with 16 month old little boys.

Lifeproof recently commissioned a survey which revealed that half of parents admit they use their smartphone or tablet as a high-tech babysitter to keep their kids entertained. Now I wouldn’t ever say we use our tech to babysit our son, but we have used it in the car to calm him down during a tantrum or even to distract him during a nappy change.


Lifeproof have created an infographic using the results of their survey. We’ve shared some sections of their infographic in this post. If you wish to view the full infographic you can do so by clicking here.

We found the results of the survey really interesting. One of the findings I identified most with was  “Reassuringly, nearly a third of parents with two or more children said they have also noticed a difference in the development of their youngest child who is adept at using gadgets, in comparison to an older brother or sister who grew up without technology.” Being the second child I feel I grew up exposed to more technology than my older sister and have gone on to be attracted to more technology and am the ones my parents call on to fix phones, PCs and other devices.

I think technology can play an important developmental role in children, but I also feel this should be supervised and not used to babysit them.


Our little man already knows how to use our gadgets and can sometimes do things we didn’t even know the tech could do. The survey found “Nearly two thirds of parents said their children would opt for technology over their usual toys if given the choice.” I don’t feel this applies to our little man yet. He is a mile a minute and would much rather be racing round a room than sat staring at the iPad. Hopefully we can encourage him to maintain this attitude.

Something which struck a chord with me, from the survey was “Inevitably though, the damage toll to gadgets across UK households is high with a fifth of parents having had a phone or tablet broken or screen cracked after handing it to their children.” Several months ago, before M was old enough to play with our iPad, we smashed the screen. Ever since then we have felt it impossible to allow M to hold the iPad on his own. This really upset him, but we were so worried it would end up even more damaged.

Lifeproof have sent us an iPad cover to allow our little man to finally get hold of it and boy were we impressed.  The cover is slim and sleek and allows us access to all of the device functions.

Lifeproof ipad cover

It has provided us with the confidence to allow our little man to play on the iPad without fear of it shattering across the kitchen floor.

Lifeproof Ipad Cover End

The Lifeproof cover boasts many impressive claims, including the ability to waterproof your device. Which could come in handy if our little man ever decides to see if our iPad can sink or swim in the bath. A nice touch, is the ability to screw in an adaptor for your headphones, so that the device stays waterproof even with the headphone socket in use.

Lifeproof Ipad Cover Front View

Lifeproof iPad cover retails at £95.95, which may seem a little expensive. But considering it is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, I think it’s an incredibly reasonable price.

*We were sent a Lifeproof free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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