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Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know we try to grab every possible moment to spend quality time outdoors as a family. So when the lovely team at Wayfair asked us to set off on a family picnic with a beautiful hamper, we just couldn’t say no.

One of the many reasons why Kirsty and I moved to Dorset was to raise a little family in a slower, more relaxed environment, which the countryside provides in abundance and our little man is growing up fully embracing his country life. We want him to fully experience all of the delights of being young and carefree and amidst one of the most glorious summers on record we decided to ditch the mundane swimming lessons to attend the annual school picnic with his friends at the end of the summer term. Which for a 5 year old, is the most exciting thing ever and also gave Kirsty and I the perfect opportunity to test drive the new hamper, it was a total win, win for all of us.

Wayfair Hamper picnic

Since I’ve known Kirsty she has always wanted a traditional picnic basket and has been known to spend a considerable amount of time looking at them whilst out shopping, wishing and hoping, whilst I try to hurry her along. So I left it down to her to pick, what she thought was the perfect picnic hamper from the fantastic Picnic category over at Wayfair and I have to say, she did not disappoint.

Picnic Hamper Wayfair

Wayfair have a large variety of different hampers to choose from and if it were down to me, I would have no clue where to start. So here is Kirsty’s list of top 5 essential criteria when looking for the perfect hamper –

Must include:
Picnic blanket
Double hinged lid for easy access
Plates and drinking utensils
Carry handle

The hamper Kirsty chose was the gorgeous Somerley Willow Picnic Hamper with matching blanket, which is designed to cater for up to 4 people. Which is the perfect size for a small family like ours and perfectly hits all of the above criteria.

Picnic wayfair Hamper

We love the traditional style willow basket and blue and white striped pattern, as well as the chestnut brown leather straps. It makes you feel special when you’re using it. The picnic blanket is large enough to fit all three of us on it, plus our picnic comfortably and looks great next to the open hamper when laid out. It also fits easily into the straps along the side which makes it very easy to transport.

School picnic

Those of you who have children will know the importance of always having a free hand for all or any eventualities, they are very unpredictable beings! Our food and drink fit inside with ease and could have easily accommodated a bottle of wine or a cake or two! The hamper also came with a small cool bag, a plastic container and mini salt and pepper shakers, which we thought was a nice little touch. It’s always nice when you find something you weren’t expecting, you know they have really thought about the needs of the buyer.

We hadn’t planned ahead in regards to food for the picnic, but luckily due to the generous space in the hamper we were able to search the cupboards and fridge to put together a rather filling picnic to impress the little dude and fill his tummy.

We loved taking the Somerley Willow Picnic Hamper with us to our little end of year picnic, everyone had lovely things to say about it and one of the dads even stopped to admire it. It’s a real luxury item!

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  1. Kara Reply

    I need this in my life. I have the 2 person version which is just as beautiful but seeing this has made me want the 4.
    I spend hours looking at pretty picnic baskets. Nothing better in my opinion.

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