Light Therapy Blues

So I’m currently sitting in a private room on the maternity ward looking at my poor baby boy in his incubator, where he is undergoing light therapy for jaundice.

Jaundice, phototherapy

This is the 2nd night of treatment & I don’t know why but I’m finding it extremely tough & upsetting, much more so than last night. I think I may have been in shock yesterday & didn’t take it all in. I think the fact that I had tried to convince myself that we were all going home tonight hasn’t helped. K has also had to leave a little early tonight due to a delivery we are unable to reschedule for a second night. It’s going to be a tough one all round I think.

When you find out you are pregnant for the first time every parent always says to you ‘Oh you don’t know what’s hit you yet’ & I didn’t really understand what that meant but oh boy! This little man has turned my whole world spinning. I can’t quite believe how lucky I am that he’s in my life & I would do anything to take his place right now & I know that K feels exactly the same way.

I’ve just got to keep reminding myself that 75% of babies get jaundice & our little man just needs a little bit of help to get rid of it.

I also wanted to say that K & I really appreciate all the kind words of support on our comments & on Twitter & Facebook.

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  1. Sonya Cisco Reply

    My eldest had jaundice too. He will be fine, but that won’t stop you worrying! Welcome to parenthood. He is soo beautiful xxxx

  2. jenny paulin Reply

    he is such a beautiful baby!! My first had jaundice its very common, not that it stops you from worrying I know. he is in the best place lovely and very soon all three of you will be back home together x

  3. Coco Rand Reply

    When mine was in light therapy of course I worried but it is so common that I was not too concerned. I mostly remember how upsetting it was that it disrupted our bonding time. I just wanted to hold him and get to know life with him but that had wait.
    Be strong and he will too.

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