Lilliputiens Oscar The Greedy Crab – Review

When The Toadstool sent us a Lilliputiens Oscar The Greedy Crab my first impressions were good. The bright colours and lovely textures were a big hit with M. Straight away he grasped the little crab and gave it the nibble test. It seemed to pass as he stroked his nails across the bumpy tummy. Now at 10 months old he’s had a few weeks to play with it and still loves it.


Mr Greedy Crab - Toadstool UK

The crab retails at £12.50, which is a little more than we would normally spend on a toy of this size. But with the quality and length of time it kept M’s attention, I could see myself buying it for someone as a gift.

We renamed Lilliputiens Oscar The Greedy Crab, Mr Crabby. Everything in how house gets a name and we felt this suited this little man well. Mr Crabby has a little bell inside whilst his little friend who’s attached to him, contains a squeaker. At first the squeaker attracted M’s attention far more than the bell, but he loves hearing the bell when he plays with Mr Crabby.

Mr Greedy Crab - Toadstool UK

We love how stimulating Mr Crabby is. He has a soft side, a bumpy side, a scratchy sounding belly, a bell and a frog with a squeaker. He also comes with some handy knotted pieces of fabric attached which make it easy for little hands to grasp him. M quite often toddles around holding him by the fabric.

Mr Greedy Crab - Toadstool UK

The Lilliputiens Oscar The Greedy Crab is perfect for babies of approximately 3 months old plus. It’s been incredibly useful when trying to distract M during nappy changes and has been a great addition to bedtime stories.

*we were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle Reply

    That really is such a gorgeous little toy. I agree that it’s not cheap, but it is the kind of price I’d pay for a present for a friend’s new baby and for the money would make a superb gift 🙂

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