A Living Arrows Collection

At the end of last year, I was happy to be asked to become one of the contributors for I Heart Snapping. Their Living Arrows project was perfect to encourage me to improve my photography whilst capturing a weekly memory of our little man.

It’s been six weeks since we started the project and I am really enjoying sharing my images and seeing how everyone else captures their children’s moments. I’m really starting to feel more confident with my style and love how the project allows me to get down and see the world from M’s eyes. Photography makes me truly happy, snapping away to get that one perfect shot is a favourite past time of mine. I’m just so grateful that our little man is still at an age where he is quite patient with my photography, he has even taken to saying “cheese” whenever the camera is pointed in his direction.

I wanted to share the images I’ve submitted to Living Arrows, on our blog as I’m incredibly proud of them. I can’t wait until I have a years worth, I think I’m going to make them into a photobook. Make sure you go check out the other contributors, they are really talented and encourage to push myself each week. Plus a couple are huge inspirations to me. I’ll let you guess whom.

Kirsty Living Arrows-001

Kirsty Living Arrows -002

Kirsty Living Arrows-003

Kirsty Living Arrows-004

Kirsty Living Arrows-005

kirsty living arrows-006

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  1. Great British Family Blog Reply

    Beautiful photos. It is a great project and I too am looking forward to having 12 months of photos from it.

  2. Cariemay Reply

    It is a fabulous project, and you are all such talented photographers! I love your shots of M because you have such a great eye for composition – they give such an insight into his personality and they’re going to make a fabulous photo book!

  3. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    I’ve been loving seeing all the images each week, and every week we say it’s our favourite so far… until the next week. I love your images of M and I think it’s really clear in your photos that you’ve been looking at him looking at the world and then capturing it. If the first six are anything to go by Kirsty, it’ll be a stunning photo book you make at the end of this year. x

  4. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    These are beautiful photo’s, I know you have a gorgeous model but honestly I believe a great deal is the way you take his photo, I only have to see that after the ones you got of Grayson. You have an awesome talent xx

  5. Josie Reply

    It’s a good project to be involved in because it really makes you think about what you want to capture and why. Lot of talented people doing it really makes you want to push yourself too.

  6. Beauty Button Reply

    I really like this, it has inspired me to get snapping – I have a basic camera but thinking of upgrading, good photos make all the difference….

  7. mummydaddyme Reply

    They are just such beautiful beautiful images Kirsty you should be so proud of them. I find the project incredibly inspiring too, I love seeing all the images everyone does each week. Although I often wonder if I am good enough to post mine! x

  8. More Than Words Reply

    This little guy of yours is seriously photogenic! He’s a little toddler model! These pictures are amazing. Well done. 🙂

  9. MrsShilts Reply

    Beautiful photographs ladies. I’m inspired to get saving for a ‘proper’ camera, as I’m so envious of all the beautiful photos in the #LivingArrows project.

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