Living Arrows – So many memories

For the last 27 weeks, I have been capturing a shot of our little guy for the Living Arrows photography project over on I Heart Snapping. I intended to post a round up every six weeks, but life gets busy and the last roundup I posted was back in April. So I thought it was time I shared what I’ve been snapping. If you don’t follow I Heart Snapping yet, go change that now, I’ll wait right here.

Living Arrows is a photography project anyone can join in with and link up to. All you have to do is snap an image of what childhood means to you that week, be it a portrait of you child or their toys in the playroom. What’s great about a photography project is, everyone has their own style and I love to see what people share each week.

In just over 3 weeks our little guy will turn 2. Taking a picture each week of this year has helped me document 6 months of his 1st year and will allow me to capture the first 6 months of his second. The changes we have witnessed already have been amazing. I’ve loved watching his hair go from little baby almost no hair, to so many curls and messy head toddler hair. Also I feel M is starting to look more like an adventurous and cheeky boy, instead of a small bubbly toddler.

I’ve shared the last few weeks photos below, each one captures our little guy having fun, exploring or attempting to stand still for more than 30 seconds. Would love to see more people join in next week, it’s such a fun project to get involved in and gives you a great collection of memories.

kirsty living arrows-014

kirsty living arrows-015

Kirsty Living Arrows-016

LivingArrows Kirsty-017

Kirsty Living Arrows-018


Kirsty Living Arrows-020

Kirsty Living Arrows-021

Kirsty Living Arrows-022

Kirsty Living Arrows-023

Kirsty Living Arrows-024

Kirsty Living Arrows-025

kirsty living arrows-026

Kirsty Living Arrows-027

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  1. Life With Munchers Reply

    Such a cutie! Chekc out those blonde curls *heart melts*

  2. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    Love his curls, gorgeous round up and gorgeous boy x

  3. Cariemay Reply

    Oh just look at those curls!! He’s a gorgeous little boy and such lovely photos too!

  4. Clare Mansell Reply

    Oooh a six month round up is a good idea (even though I missed the first five weeks) I may do the same!

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