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It’s crazy to think that for the last 13 weeks I have been capturing and sharing an image of M to the Living Arrows Project over on I Heart Snapping. The weeks are flying by and some weeks it’s trickier to capture a image in time for the deadline. Be it bad weather meaning all my indoor shots are grainy due to whacking up my ISO or my outdoor shots being slightly over exposed as the sun decided to shine a bit too brightly (ok the last one is rare at the moment). I love it, I really do. Taking pictures makes me incredibly happy, no matter the challenges shooting in manual provides. I am enjoying the journey my photography is taking.

Each week when I capture that special shot it makes me smile. That split second M stays still before sprinting off on his next adventure, is a moment I can cherish. I feel this photography project is not only igniting the fire of photography within me more and more, it is also allowing me to watch my son’s personality grow. I love how the images have to tell a story of his childhood without sound. You can’t hear him shout “yo yo yo” as the shutter goes or say “Mama Cheese” when I get my camera out of it’s bag. But for me, when I look at these images, the memories flood back, I hear the hustle and bustle around us, I hear his giggles as he swings through the air and I can smell the faint smell of Johnson’s shampoo, custard creams and mud (what is it that draws children to mud?!).

At the end of the year I will have taken 52 Living Arrows images that I intend to make into a photobook. A book of my son that I can look back on and smile, share and show to future partners. Living Arrows is not just a group of photographers sharing their images, it is also a linky and it’s never too late to start documenting your little ones lives. Follow I Heart Snapping on twitter to keep up with the posts as they go live.

kirsty living arrows-007

kirsty living arrows-008

Kirsty Living Arrows-009

Kirsty Living Arrow-010

Kirsty Living Arrows-011

Kirsty Living Arrows-012

kirsty living arrows-013

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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    Gorgeous images as always. I love the way you are editing them all at the moment. x

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