Looking Back

I love looking at pictures of myself between the ages of 3 to about 10. When I was really little I had very blonde hair and cute ringlet curls. As I grew my hair grew darker and my curls turned in to an incredibly annoying kink in my hair. Between these ages I always had a cheeky grin plastered on my face which implied I’d been up to something I shouldn’t have been doing. Wonder and excitement lit up my eyes as everything around me offered the potential for an adventure.

Young K

I love the child in those photos, so innocent and full of life. There is so much I would want to protect that little person from, that I just wouldn’t have the words. The little person in those photos doesn’t realise yet that people can be really awful to each other. That the world can suck sometimes and growing up is incredibly hard. But looking back at those pictures allows me to remember the positives in my life too. My favourite memories being the birthday cakes my mum would spend hours making for me. She once dyed her hands red and black whilst making a Postman Pat van for me. I also loved the primary school I went to, I had so much fun at that school and wish the rest of my school memories had been as happy as they had been there.

From the age of ten until about 20 my photos are full of the awkward child/teenager I became. You could still see that cheeky grin every now and then, but the light in my eyes was lost a bit. Looking at pictures now, I know I got my light back. I owe that light to the two loves in my life. They also help put that cheeky smile back on my face.

I couldn’t share this post without sharing two of the cutest pictures of C. Doesn’t M look so much like her.

Young C

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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  1. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    Isn’t it strange looking back! You both look so happy and innocent, and I can definitely see M in C

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom) Reply

    Lovely post, it’s good to look at who we are now and know that the little girl we were is still in there somewhere.

  3. Sarah MumofThree World Reply

    Lovely post! Good to know that light is back in your life now 🙂

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