Looking on the Bright Side

So my old friend Morning Sickness decided to make an appearance this morning, & I have spent the entire day perched over the porcelain throne having a nice catch up haha.

For some reason the phrase “Morning” Sickness seems like a cruel joke, as although mine starts in the morning, it lasts al day! Over the last 23 weeks my sickness has really got me down, to the point where I’ve found myself sobbing in K’s arms on more than one occasion, which I’m sure has been equally as hard for her to see me like that. K has been my rock and has always managed to keep me calm.

However today I finally realised that although when the sickness strikes it makes me feel awful at the time, my body is doing this incredibly amazing thing! I am going to start approaching my sickness in a positive way as of today. This baby is such a blessing to my wife & I & as long as the baby is OK that’s all that matters.

Each time I feel monkey’s movements or when my wife puts her head on my tummy & talks to it I feel so happy that a little bit of sickness is nothing! I’m going to start enjoying this pregnancy, because in 17 weeks time its going to be over and I know I’m going to really miss it. Minus the sickness haha.

23 weeks! yay!

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