A lot of happiness

I am not going to lie, this month we have struggled to find something happy to write about for this months sharing happiness post. It has been playing on my mind quite a bit. However, I soon came to the realisation that even during the sad times, something good always shines through.

Our little Monkey has been a testament to us these past few weeks and I couldn’t be more proud of him, he really has kept us and our family smiling. On the day our Little Nan passed, we all spent the day at our Aunt and Uncle’s house so we could all be together. We were all very sad and I think M sensed that and requested I played his favourite song ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams, me being an adult and assessing the situation didn’t feel that it was appropriate to play the song but he insisted and would not stop asking, I didn’t really have a choice in the matter.
As soon as the music started playing he ran to the middle of the room to show the family his best dance moves and by the end of the song most of us had joined in and were all laughing and smiling. How wrong could I have been? It was the perfect thing to take everyone’s mind off the sad circumstances. It’s like he knew he wanted to make everyone laugh. Monkey really does make us the proudest, happiest mothers on the planet.

Kirsty and I also got to spend some quality time together, just us. We visited the Centre Parcs Spa at Longleat and had the best day. We spent the day relaxing and being pampered, which we both really needed, we also needed that time together as a couple. We walked around in robes and snuggled up together in the cosy room. I also found a room where I could have stayed all day long. I love to be warm all the time and it was so hot in there. I just wanted to sleep haha. We’re already planning another day in a few months.


We also had a date night, eating pizza on our favourite beach and walking along the sand through the waves. We live in such a beautiful part of the country and we’re going to make the most of it.

We have been each other’s rock’s this past month and it has made our relationship stronger than ever, we feel happy and thankful that we have created such a wonderful family who keep each other from falling.

To top off our happiness for this month, we also found out we have made the finals in the Video category for the Brilliance in Blogging awards held at Britmums Live on the 20th May. We felt so happy to make the short list, so to make the finals is just wonderful and we can’t thank those who voted for us enough. We love making videos and we can’t wait to hear the result.

So actually, quite a lot to feel happy about this month. If you would like to link up your own happy stories we would love to read them.

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  1. Life With Munchers Reply

    Sorry that you had a less than happy month guys, but congrats on making the final and I hope to meet you at Britmums next month! x

  2. Lauren Reply

    This makes me really happy. You two are so strong and positive and I love that despite the really horrid hard month you both had you are still able to see good points. You are amazing.
    SO pleased that you are in the final! xx

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  4. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    I definitely think that children have a sixth sense when it comes to your emotions- I am glad little M has been making you smile. Xx

  5. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    What a beautiful beautiful post. Bless monkey for giving that much needed light and laughter right now. This is a wonderful idea so going to write a happy post too!! Xxx

  6. Sharon Smyth Reply

    Looks like monkey definitely knew best! lol Great post. I’m rapidly planning a happiness post of my own to link up. 🙂

  7. Stephs Two Girls Reply

    Big congrats on getting to the BiBs finals! Very well deserved. I get the strange feeling about being happy in a time of sadness as that has also happened to me this month – but I think we should celebrate the life that has been and not dwell on being sad x

  8. Hayley Reply

    I love this linky, it’s absolutely perfect for you two. You are so positive and I know what an awful few weeks you’ve had and that has really shone through. It’s really inspiring to see how you support one another, you’re such a wonderful team and I’m sure your Little Nan is amazingly proud of you both. Congratulations on making the BiBs finals. You more than deserve it x

  9. Hayley McLean Reply


    What a lovely story about Monkey, children often seem to know how to help people through these sorts of situations xxx

  10. Super Busy Mum Reply

    I love how children have this ability to help us cope with those other hiccups life seems to deal us. So sorry you’ve had such a crappy month, but pleased your wee monkey can make it a little brighter for you. x

  11. Capture by Lucy Reply

    I know how it feels when there’s so much sadness in a month, but sometimes that makes me try even harder to find the happy things. My whole family are going through the worst pain imaginable at the moment and although I won’t be sharing the details on my blog it’s made me even more grateful for the things that make me happy this month. I love this link up xxx

  12. Capture by Lucy Reply

    So glad you are through to the finals and much love to your family xx

  13. NadineHill Reply

    You have loads to be happy for hun! Sorry your nan passed but sounds like Monkey was exactly right on the button! Bless!! I will feature this post in July’s BritMums round-up. Thanks for sharing x

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