Lots of Kids Activities at Camp Bestival 2016

If you are regular readers you will know how much we love Camp Bestival. For the last 3 years we have been having fun there every Summer and experiencing new adventures each visit. This year it was very apparent that our little man had grown quite a bit over the last year. He was keen to take part in many more activities and discover areas at Camp Bestival that we’d not visited before.

The kids activities at Camp Bestival are great for all ages, there is something for everyone, from soft play and bubbles to craft, educational activities and The Den for teens.

We made it to many of the kids activities M asked to visit. So we thought we would share his favourite’s.

Art Town
This is the first year we made it to this area as M wasn’t took keen on craft previously, but it was certainly a fave this year. The great team in Art Town run drop-in activities all weekend. Activities include, painting, model making, sticking, collage creating and more.

Dingly Dell
This area is a lovely little wooden haven that is home to Lizzie’s Way, The National Trust area, a play area and this year there was also am animal Petty area. It’s a great place to take your kids to get hands on with nature, dig around in dirt and run off some of the energy from their ice creams.

Dingly Dell Slide

Dingly Dell

Lizzie’s Way
Lizzie’s Way is a fantastic area designed to allow kids to put their imagination to unlimited uses. Packed full of amazing creative play zones, your child can go from reading, putting on a puppet show or making a mud pie to digging for treasure, singing in a band and sitting in a tepee. This is one of our favourite places to spend some time with our little man.

Lizzie's Way

Explorer Dome: Pop up planetariums
Sitting in a pitch black dome looking at stars in the middle of a busy festival was a moment that actually got me quite emotional. I love space, so this year’s theme was perfect for me. As we sat inside a pop up dome we were told about different constellations and how they were named and shown slides of different clusters discovered by strong telescopes in space. It was incredibly interesting and shows that kids and adults can learn together at Camp Bestival.

Helter Skelter

Big Fish Little Fish
If you love a good rave and want to throw some shapes whilst your little one bops along, Big Fish Little Fish is the place to be. We loved the tunes these guys were playing and had a good dance alongside hundreds of other parents. It’s a party you want to be at if you reached for the lasers pre children days.

Longdown Festival Farm: Petting zoo
A lovely addition this year to the fantastic Dingly Dell was a petting zoo. It was lovely to watch our little man hold a chick, stroke a donkey and coo over some ducks.

Longdown Farm Camp Bestival

The World’s Biggest bouncy castle
We saw the queue this grow over the weekend at Camp Bestival, so waited until our final day and got there really early. We only queued for about 20 minutes and managed to keep all the kids entertained whilst we waited. Once our time came to bounce we had a fantastic time bouncing for 10 minutes alongside 80 others. It was fantastic and an experience we highly recommend.

World's Biggest Bouncy Castle
There were so many more fab kids activities at Camp Bestival, but these were M’s¬†favourite this year. The great thing about Camp Bestival is that the activities change over the years depending on the theme and also offer different things to different age groups.


Camp Bestival Caslte

We are provided with a family ticket to attend Camp Bestival.

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