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I love books, I don’t mean just casual reading, I mean I love reading, listening and stroking *ahem* books. I can often be heard sharing my wish for a superhero power that allows me to read books by running my hands across the covers. I am always looking for new ways to discover books, so was quite interested when I spotted a new app called Blloon in the app store a few months ago.

It was promoted as being the Netflix of books and well I am a total Netflix obsessive, so what could be wrong about that combination. The app download is free and works on a subscription service. Rather than monetary credits, you buy the books using page credits. Each book page equals a page credit. There are different ways to get your pages, you can Subscribe to a plan of 500 pages for £3.99 a month or 1,000 pages for £6.99 a month. A great incentive is the first month is free. You can also earn free pages by sharing quotes, inviting your friends, and recommending books, you can also top-up your pages in-app anytime. Any unused pages roll over each month, so there is no mad rush to read and download books.

blloon books

I have a habit of starting several books at once, so this app is perfect as I can have several books on the go and only spend the pages on books that catch my attention. The functionality is great and the synopsis of each book is long enough to convince you to download or move along. Once you’ve downloaded and exchanged pages for a book, it is yours, to keep, FOREVER! A huge bonus is you can read without wifi, which is a mega bonus as I love to have a book handy for those impromptu moments where I get a minute or two to read. You can cancel a subscription at any point and resume your book reading when you wish.


A lovely little feature are handy suggestion lists to help you discover your next book. You can either search for a title directly, browse by theme or check out the suggested offerings, I found a few gems searching this way. I chose to go for two books to start, Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed and Banged Up: Doing Time in Britain’s Toughest Jails by David Leslie. Both offered very different reading experiences and gave me a good feel of the app.

blloon book library

I can’t fault the app at all, it hasn’t crashed, allows me to read when I want and has lots of great titles on offer. It has been my go to book app since downloading (sorry Kindle app). If you are looking for a new book service, then I can highly recommend Blloon. There is a title available to suit all tastes.

blloon top up

I downloaded this app because I loved the look of it and actually really like it. I was kindly provided with free pages to purchase books for the purpose of this review – All views and opinions are my own.

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