I love you Mummy

Before we even became parents I used to think about having conversations with our mini human creation and smiled at the thought of them declaring their feelings independently. Now that our little dude is 2 and a half those moments have arrived.

Each day M is learning new words and surprising us with really long sentences and conversation. But my all time favourite sentence he has ever spoken has to be “I love you Mummy”. Each time he shares this heart fluttering statement he is usually wrapped in C’s arms. He looks up at her with his big brown eyes and my heart melts. I love watching their relationship grow. They are so similar yet share such a close bond. I see the potential for personality clashes in the teenage years, but there is no denying, these two are the best of buds.

love mummy

I hear my fair share of I love you as well. I’m saying I love you, but he actually pronounces it “uv you”. I’m usually included in his long list of things he “Uvs”, thankfully I appear before his trucks and diggers. But it’s quite fair to say that our little man is a Mummy’s boy. They share a bond that differs from the bond I have with M and I’m totally happy with it.

love mummy2

My relationship with M has quite often been compared to the way a dad may have a relationship with their son. I’ve been questioned lots when people see how he requests Mummy. “So you’re like the dad”, “you didn’t carry him for 9 months, so it’s understandable” “he was with Clara for 2 years before she went back to work”. If it works for people to figure things out this way, then I’m all for questions. I’m not like the dad, I’m his Mama, no I didn’t carry him, yes Clara had extra time with M, but I work family friendly hours and got plenty of time with him.

love mama

But you know what, kids grow up knowing who they want in which situation. When M is sick or sad or he’s hurt himself, he will always ask for Mummy and I’m totally ok with that. She does Mummy soothing cuddles far better than I ever good. But when M wants to jump really high off the bed or splash dinosaurs in the bath, it’s Mama all the way!

I love that we bring different things to our family makeup. Clara is more maternal and soothing than me and I’m like a big kid (with a serious side too). It works for us and that’s all that matters. Especially now we know our little man really uvs us.

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    Yay for Mamas and Mummys! It’s one of the best bits about parenting as a team, knowing that you compliment each other’s strengths and seeing the children instinctively get it and know which parent to go to – clever little mites aren’t they!

  2. Goblin Child Reply

    Oh, this post resonates so much with me. I’ve already been getting the ‘you’re like the dad’ analogies – whilst I did carry the boys, I’ll also be the working parent whilst my Kirsty stays at home and raises them. I’m not nearly so nurturing; it’s not so much the future cuddles that make my heart sing than the daydreams about plonking them on their pony and watching them execute a really nice sitting trot. But I’m still their mother. You’re still M’s mama. I’m sure that heterosexual couples also get their fair share of working mummies and mummies who aren’t so into the snuggly-nurturing bit. You and Clara, and me & my Kirsty, we’re all rocking this parenthood thing. Our children’s needs are being met regardless of who’s doing what and who has what genitalia whilst they do it.

  3. Clare Mansell Reply

    What you do so well Kirsty is confronting the questions people have in a very relaxed way. People sometimes say the wrong things, but equally no dialogue at all is a far worse situation to be left with…

  4. Mummyconstant Reply

    Beautiful photos. Love the top one 🙂 I love it when the little ones randomly say they love you. It makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!

  5. Clare Nicholas Reply

    Such a beautiful post.
    He is truly adored by you both and it’s very clear you both feel exactly the same way, as it should be in any family no matter the make up of it.

  6. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    Gorgeous pictures. Loved reading this and about both your relationships with Monkey. Everyone in a family has a different role, doesn’t have to be defined by being the “male” role that some people assume has to exist xx

  7. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    This is such a lovely post guys and I loved hearing more about your family dynamic. Ours is different in that Mads especially is a complete Daddy’s girl- she shouts for him if she is sad in the night, she always goes to him and she always wants to play with him. But if she is really upset then she will ask for Mummy. LL on the other hand is a complete Mummy’s girl and clings to me like glue! x

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