A love for the woodland

I’ve had a love of the woods since I was a child. I have photos of me climbing trees and splashing through puddles when I was a child and to be honest I haven’t changed much. Nothing relaxes me quite as much as a walk through the woods, I also enjoy taking pictures of trees and the many textures you find in the woods.

It pleases me so much that our little man seems to share my love for the woods. He becomes a great explorer as soon as we enter the woodland. Sticks are picked up and inspected, rocks are overturned and little fingers explore the bark of a tree. Both C and I like him to guide us round the woods and see where is curiosity takes him. We believe nature should be shown respect and enjoyed, for it is a natural gift we are provided with.


We are very lucky to live so close to such a glorious woodland park, Moors Valley Park. With play areas, many footpaths, tree top trails and wooden climbing areas, we are never short of something to do when visiting. We can easily spend a whole day playing and walking the trials around the woodland.


Monkey is at the perfect age where he is starting to climb and jump, without the need for us to constantly hold him. He loves the little challenges he sets himself and knows we are never to far away to offer a steadying hand.








Do your children enjoy the woods? Which are your favourite woods to visit?

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  1. sabrina montagnoli Reply

    He really is a proper little monkey. Some lovely pictures of you with the little man. I love the kissy one! We love the woods and have a few parks we can go exploring in here in Glasgow, Mugdock being a favourite…we are always on the look out for the elusive bear!

  2. Tinuke Reply

    Beautiful pictures. My daughter loves the concept of the woods but is petrified of actually going into them! She has an over active imagination and thinks they are filled with wicked witches, goblins and the sort. It’s a shame as we’re super close to Epping Forest which would be a great place to go for weekend walks. Will have to keep working on her…

  3. Lauren Reply

    I love these photos, looks like you had a great day. We have a wonderful woodland near us, we used to take our dog there when I was 15 and take him swimming in the river. But it’s now so uncared for by people who visit, with no one cleaning up after their dogs so we can’t go anymore 🙁 x

  4. Donna Wishart Reply

    Such gorgeous photos as always! He’s such a confident little thing! We love woodland too although don’t get to go exploring that often x

  5. Cariemay Reply

    What a gorgeous wood! All of our parks are really rather formal, which is nice in it’s way but I miss the wildness of a wood!

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  7. Mummy VS Daddy Reply

    Great post, fantastic pictures, and we too love the woods! The woods nearby are bit more… woody… than the one you visited seems to be, but they’re still great 🙂

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