Love is….

Today is a day that despite being madly in love, becomes more like a regular day to us each year. Don’t get me wrong, I like to think I am super romantic, but I also like to think I show it all year round and not just on the day the shops want us to. We’ve bought each other a card and told each other not to buy a gift, even though we’ve both casually presented each other with a token of our love. Clara was grateful for her favourite chocolates, whilst I was happy to be gifted some washi tape, my newest craft obsession.


Love is one of those funny feelings that as a teen I feared I’d never find. Movies, songs and TV shows lead me to believe that love was this smack you in the face thing that comes in an instant and can go just as fast too. But for me, love is somewhat more. For me my love for Clara grows everyday, it envelopes me like a warm hug that’s not too tight and just close enough to make me feel safe and secure. We can exchange a hundred words with one look and share a joke with a simple smile. She knows me inside out and is always there to offer comfort and courage.


For me love is something that builds. We argue, we disagree and we learn to compromise. We annoy each other, wind each other up and give each other the silent treatment. Love is something that allows us to feel a bond, no matter how many bumps in the road we encounter. I know that despite saying something stupid, she will still love me just the way I am.


Love is knowing that there is nobody else I’d rather spend a zombie Apocalypse with, even if I’m the one fighting them off. Most of all love is having someone to take so many silly couples selfies with.


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