Mad Blog Awards 2014 – In Pictures

On Friday we drove the two hours to London to stay in a gorgeous Citadane hotel apartment and attend the Mad Blog Awards as finalists in the Most Innovative category.  We were up against fantastic bloggers and we just wanted to enjoy the weekend has much as possible. So we made the most of our time before the awards, enjoyed the actual awards and then spent the morning after in Giraffe eating a lovely brunch.

What made the weekend even better was that we WON our category. But we’ll talk about that in another post. For now we just wanted to share some pictures of the weekend and thank Sally and the team for putting on such a fun event. Also make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel to catch our footage of the weekend.
before mad blog awards


I found my favourite coconut drink. We enjoyed a cheeky Nandos and kicked the evening off with a cider.

during mad blog awards


Dinner was delicious, no mushrooms this year! I was sat next the gent of the night. We toasted our win with a fishbowl.

after mad blog awards


We celebrated our win with brunch at one of our favourite restaurants. 

*Our room for the night was free for the purpose of a future review.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Looks like you had a fab night, can’t wait to read more about it – Congrats again on the win! x

  2. Life With Munchers Reply

    Congratulations…can’t wait to see the you tube vid! The food looks amazing! xx

  3. pinkoddy Reply

    Congratulations. That reminds me I was going to make a video but think I can blame the wine for forgetting lol. You both looked amazing and so pleased you won.

  4. Thinly Spread Reply

    Congratulations! Excellent dinner companions and lovely to spend more than a brief moment with you! x

  5. Lauren Reply

    Congratulations you wonderful pair.
    So…not only did you stay in my favourite area in London but you also went to Nandos. So super jealous xx

  6. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Congratulations on such an exciting win. Lovely to see you both and wow what a night!

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