Mad Blog Awards – Most Innovative.

Last year Clara and are were over the moon to discover our blog had made it to the finals of the Mad Blog Awards. We were still pinching ourselves when we glammed up and attended the fantastic award ceremony in London. We didn’t head home with an award, but we did get to give an award to one of our friends in the blogging world (Katie/Mummy Daddy Me).

When the nominations for this years awards opened, we were hopeful for a nomination in a category or two, but didn’t hold our breaths on making it to the finals. Since we started blogging in 2012 there seems to have been a massive blogging boom and there is no shortage of fantastic blogs to read and nominate. We were happy to see some lovely people had nominated us in several categories and even ones we didn’t qualify for, which is lovely that people were thinking of us.

We first heard of the finals list when a Whatsapp message popped up on my screen. I headed over to the MADS site and scrolled down the finalists. I was starting to think my friend had been mistaken, until I reached the Most Innovative category. To be honest it’s not a category we thought we stood a chance in. There are so many fantastic blogs introducing new ideas and designs etc that we didn’t think we’d be recognised in this category. But when I looked up the definition (I love to know the official definitions of words) I started to realise that you could apply this title to our blog.

Most Innovative suggests introduction of new ideas and concepts. So we’ve been thinking about how this has been applied by us. Each and everything we’ve shared or been a part of has made us feel a huge sense of achievement and pride. We were part of an advertising campaign run by Mamas and Papas which accepted same sex families as being consumers of baby products. The advertisement even went on to win a Stonewall award, which we were incredibly proud of.


After our success in the Mamas and Papas advert, we were contacted by Ikea to have a room makeover. Their mission was to show that Ikea was a brand which recognises the diversity and equality. A news story broke, surrounding the article not going live in Russia and it all went a bit viral. We even made it onto Buzzfeed (geek out). Despite the article not being released in Russia, we are still proud of the fact we were involved in such a global campaign. We are disappointed it was surrounded in some negativity, but the messages we’ve received from people around the world have been so heartwarming. It’s comforting to know we have provided some families with hope that one day their relationships and family status will be recognised in their countries.


We’d love to keep on inspiring and sharing our family adventures, hoping to continue to give hope to families like ours. We also want to continue to changes views and perceptions of those who perhaps aren’t familiar with same sex families. If you love reading our blog and feel we are worthy of Most Innovative, we would love your vote. Do check out the other blogs in our category, they are all pretty awesome.


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  1. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    I hadn’t seen that ad before, you both look amazing!!! Got everything crossed xxx

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    Best of luck to you both! So well deserved. That Mamas and Papas ad is all kinds of amazing. can’t wait to see you again in September. x

  3. Cariemay Reply

    Yay – I nominated you for most innovative and I’m thrilled you made it to the finals – fingers crossed you come home with something for the mantlepiece this year!

  4. Sarahmumof3 Reply

    I came over to nosey at your new design and saw you have got through to the finalists – wow that’s fantastic well done 🙂

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