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It feels like Clara and I are great at working towards a specific fitness goal over the years, but we’ve never really got to our final targets. We’ve both had a target we want to reach, fitness and weight loss wise, but always seem to wander off the path towards them.

But this year feels different and I am well aware that I’ve probably said that before, but honestly this time we are reaching targets we’ve not reached this well before. With us both needing operations in the not too distant future, lowering our BMI is one of our biggest priorities. Neither of us sit in the healthy range and want to get within it, not just to have our ops, but also to reduce our risk of various diseases and to increase our life expectancy.

Our year started with us using a “say no to sugarThinking Slimmer slimpod. It’s very similar to the slimpods we’ve used previously, but instead of working just on losing a dress size, this pod is designed to help you quit sugar. Both of us had our sugary favourites. Clara’s was full fat Coke or Pepsi and mine was melted chocolate and peanut butter. The slimpod works by changing your thoughts about food and in this case sugar. It has to be listened to frequently to work and it helps to write down goals you wish to achieve. I am happy to report that we are both off the full fat drinks and my melted chocolate and peanut butter habit has been broken.

lifestyle changes

Due to us both needing ops and having to work on our BMI’s being healthy, our GP suggested Livewell Dorset. Livewell Dorset is a free service for adults living in Dorset who would like support to change their lifestyle. One of the lifestyle changes they support is weight loss, so we took them up on their offer of support. One of the plans they offer as support is a 12 week Slimming World membership.

Lifestyle changes Clara

Lifestyle changes weight

So we are on week 4 of our Slimming World journey and have both just received our half stone award. We are making new food habits and breaking bad ones. We are eating so much fresh fruit and vegetables and really noticing the difference. Combined with listening to our Thinking Slimmer slimpods, I really feel we are finally making positive life changes we will stick to for the rest of our lives.

We’ve also started working on our exercise, but i’ll over that in a future post. Have you had any success with a Thinking Slimmer slimpod or Slimming World?

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  1. Mrs TeePot Reply

    You’re both doing great! I’ve found Thinking Slimmer really helpful for me too, it’s sorted my chocolate habit which is a huge deal!

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