Making the most of time

January was an awful month for weather, we had awful rain storms, gale force winds and really cold temperatures. Despite us being a very outdoors family, we didn’t get outside as much as we would have liked to. Luckily this month we’ve seen a slight improvement in the weather. We took the opportunity this month to go visit our favourite woodland park, spend the evening on the swings and take after dinner walks.

This month I wanted our Me and Mine picture to be a revisit to a location we took a picture at last year. I was curious to see how much we all had changed. You can view last years picture at Moors Valley Park, here. You can really see a change in M and we are all wearing a lot more warmer clothes. I think we may make it a tradition to take a yearly picture in the woods.

I couldn’t share this months family photo without sharing some pics of us going a little crazy in the woods. We ran and climbed and danced and sang. I am really surprised we all managed to stay still for the family shot. Don’t forget to visit Dear Beautiful’s blog to join in with the Me and Mine linky.




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  1. Becky Arber Reply

    That looks like a beautiful woods! I love that spider! Lovely picture as always guys 🙂

  2. Lauren Reply

    That looks like such a great place to visit. I love your photo and that Monkey is now more aware of the camera, he looks so cute (and tall!) x

  3. Lucy Reply

    Such a lovely photo, and it looks like an amazing place to play. I can’t get over how tall and grown up your little monkey is looking. Such a little boy these days. x

  4. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Oh we need to get back to Moors Valley!!!! Roll on Easter, fab shot of the three of you love seeing how much taller he gets against your legs each month 🙂

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    I love the bottom photo, the way the light is coming in the trees behind you, and the way the camera is angled so it’s looking upwards. x

  6. Donna Wishart Reply

    Oh he has grown so much! The difference in weather is amazing, such lovely photos and a lovely setting x

  7. Charlotte Reply

    I love the backdrop to your pictures, makes me want to go exploring in the woods 🙂

  8. Cariemay Reply

    Oh such gorgeous photos – although the giant spider would give me the heebie jeebies! It looks like you had the perfect day despite all of our crazy weather!

  9. Charlotte Reply

    Lovely photos! The first one on the bridge really made me smile! x

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