Making the most of time.

Since becoming parents we’ve certainly realised it’s not always rosy, as mentioned in a previous post. Suddenly this little miracle is the pivotal part of your day. From waking moments to going to bed, almost every thought is about this mini human. This can leave little or no time for the one (in our case) you loved enough to create this amazing life, with.

When the opportunity to attend the Mad Blog Awards was provided to us, our first thoughts were how much we would miss our little man. As the weeks passed we actually started to think that this weekend could be the perfect opportunity to connect again.

The day of the Mad Blog Awards arrived, we packed our bags, hugged Monkey very tightly and jumped in the car. On the way to London we talked, we actually talked, we didn’t sing “Incy Wincy Spider”, perform seat acrobatics to entertain our absent back seat passenger nor did we spend two hours moaning at each other about the traffic. We had a grown up (well as grown up as I can manage) conversation.

On arriving in London, the lovely people at the Premier Inn, allowed us to drop our luggage off so that we could go for a bite to eat. We grabbed some ciders so that we could start our party early and then headed back to the hotel for an early check in. In prep for the weekend I had loaded the iPad with a movie (Dirty Dancing in case you were curious). We both had nice relaxing showers and pushed play on the movie. We had a short break from the movie to go and meet Hayley from Shutterflies for a real cider in a real life pub, which was lovely and left us both feeling a little tipsy.
A little time Premier Inn

Back in the hotel room we were able to have more uninterrupted conversation and get ready for the awards without having to stop to change a nappy or wipe a nose. We both missed M incredibly, but having that little bit of time together for ourselves was certainly having a good effect on us. We noticed we were laughing more, making contact more and smiling much more freely at each other *though this could have been the cider*.


By the time we left for the awards ceremony, it truly felt like we were really close again. Now I’m not saying we haven’t been there for each other. But raising a child really changes the dynamics of a relationship. It’s tough, there is no sugar coating it. But sometimes all it takes is what I call the three C’s, communication, contact and compromise. But that’s another blog post.


The evening was so much fun, we were really allowed to let our hair down. We laughed, drank, danced and talked with as many people as possible. We may not have won an award that night. But we felt like winners. Our award was our relationship and our son, which we are so lucky to have (but I’ve still got my eye on one of those gorgeous awards for next year).

converse Phone

The next day was no less of an adventure. On driving less than 200 yards from the hotel, we discovered we had a flat tyre. About 2 hours later we were on our way after being rescued by a lovely guy from Kavanagh Garages in London. In previous months if we had a flat tyre and had to sit on the side of the road for 2 hours, we would have started snapping at each other through tiredness. But this time we laughed, took pictures and talked about the future.


On the way home we took a slight detour and took the opportunity to enjoy our last bit of Monkey free time for a while. We enjoyed a gorgeous meal in Prezzo with almost the whole restaurant to ourselves. As the meal came to an end, Monkey was in our thoughts, we nipped across the road and bought him a new train to play with.

Home Time

We really enjoyed our time together, reconnecting as two women who fell in love and not just two parents to Monkey, is very important to us. But nothing beats that feeling when we are all together as a family.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    This is a fantastic post, I love how honest you have been. The everyday can be hard on a relationship especially when there is children involved. Ashley and I have a night away in December and we have been talking about it for months, sometimes I think this can be dangerous though as you pin too many hopes. I am glad you both had such an amazing time, you both deserve it so much xxx

  2. Lucy Reply

    What a great post. It’s so important to take time for each other. Ages ago I wrote a post about how ‘couples time’ is actually an investment in your family. Your world might revolve around your children, but the family revolves around the grown relationship that made it happen. Keeping the core of the family solid makes everyone happy… or at least that’s what I think. Plus you set the example of a good relationship to Monkey, and it’s important for him to see that good relationships are to be valued.
    It’s true that it’s hard sometimes once you have children, like you say, life kind of loses its sugar-coating when you’re tired and looking after a little person. I know my husband and I snipe at each other far more since having kids, but I think in a way, that when together time is a bit rarer, you appreciate it more.
    Kara and I were saying on Friday how sweet you two were and how happy you were with each other and making the most of some just the two of you. x

  3. Cariemay Reply

    It’s funny how that time to reconnect which was once so normal and everyday becomes rare and treasured once you add children into the mix. We find we can both tell when we haven’t properly seen enough of each other for a few days, and need to actually focus on letting everything slide to just have a chat and be Carie and H, not Mama and Daddy.

    When we were in Spain H’s parents took the girls home for bath time and we spent an extra hour strolling around the little town we were in and after we’d got used to that “where are the children!” jolt it was lovely to talk and to hold hands, even if most of the conversation was about how cute they are!

    I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend, even if the car broke – but it adds a salting of reality to a fabulously glitzy time!

  4. Harriet J Reply

    I can completely relate to this post. It’s so important to take time out to put the couple hat on again rather than the daily parent one. I haven’t had an evening alone with my other half for a few months now but hopefully we’ll find sometime together in the next few weeks.x

  5. Lauren Reply

    Really really lovely post.
    This is the exact reason why I swear by date nights. I think it’s so important to reconnent and be YOU and not mummy/daddy or mummy/mama.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time together and made the most of it xx

  6. mummydaddyme Reply

    This is a really lovely post Ladies. It is so important to reconnect sometimes as a couple. We try and have weekly date nights where we put the phones and laptops away. Would you believe since Mads was born we haven’t had a night away just the two of us? Why we didn’t do it before LL was born I don’t know because now it is even harder with two of them to go to grandparents.
    You two are such a great couple and it is lovely to see two people very much in love. I would like to think if my husband was a blogger and we went to events that people would feel the same- we work very hard at our marriage. x

  7. xOjox Reply

    So many parents can relate to this one. Its so easy to forget who you are and why you love your partner. I love my boys, I also love being part of a couple. Glad you took the chance to appreciate each other xxx

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