Many changes in May

May was a month full of change for us. Our lives seemed to have become packed with so much in such a short time, that May seemed to fly by. I’ve been busy taking Scout Leader training and running Beaver meetings each week, Clara’s been busy training Beau and taking him to puppy parties (yes they are a thing) and M has been joining me at Beavers, getting used to our new addition and generally growing too fast.

It wasn’t until the 1st of June arrived that I took stock of how much of the year seems to have just whizzed by. We’ve now lived in our new home for nearly 7 months and couldn’t be happier with our little village life. M is on the waiting list for gymnastics, which is going to add another activity to our week and seems to have become a much more confident, chatty little boy since coming to Beavers with me.

The next couple of months are our busy months. I estimate they are going to fly by quicker thanI thought May did. But I am going to do my best to stop and take in more moments before I let them whiz by me. Clara and I are working hard on our weight loss journey’s again and I am setting myself the challenge to improve my content produced with our GoPros. I’ve even set up a new Instagram account dedicated to content 100% GoPro, do please give Mytwomumsgoadventure a follow, I already love how bright and fun our stream looks.

We have lots of exciting camping adventures planned this Summer, including attending Camp Bestival for their 10th anniversary! We simply can not wait. The tent has already had a practice pitch and fingers crossed we will be taking it out this month for a proper test run.

What I intended to be a Me and Mine post has become a bit of a life update post, but now you’re up to speed, here are our Me and Mine captures from May.

me and mine 17

me and mine may 17

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