March 2017 – Home Life Project

This month I was worried about missing the weekend for capturing our monthly Home Life Project moments. We were away in someone else’s home in Arrecife, where I considered snapping my shots, but decided I wanted a full year of our home.

I knew we had quite a laid back weekend planned and knew Saturday was out of the question as Clara was taking M out all day to buy my birthday presents, so Sunday it was. Sunday started  out very relaxed with M joining us in bed to watch his iPad to allow us some time to gain a few more moments in bed.

Books home life project

bed home life project

On Friday we got our exercise bike out of storage and popped it in our room to encourage us to increase our exercise. I handed Clara my camera and asked her to snap me at some point during my cycle. I was unsure if I was going to share it or not as I was in pjs, hair unkempt, glasses free and engrossed in a documentary, but I wanted to capture true memories so I have included it for me to look back on.

bike home life project

The rest of the day was a rather relaxed affair with us putting the Trolls movie on for M, den building, scooting and skate boarding, both inside and outside. M has decided he wants to learn to skateboard and is pretty good already, compared to me he is amazing!

Sofa home life project

scooting home life project

kitchen skating home life project

skateboard home life project

skate garden home life project

garden home life project

home life project skating

den building home life project

I love having these unscripted moments to look back on. There’s no tidying before the picture is taken, no saying “look at the camera” and no pressure to get the shot ‘just right’. I can’t wait to have a whole year of these memories in our new home.


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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I love the look of this day and how real it is. M looks just so cool with his skateboard and good for you for stepping up the exercise. I have your weekend away post on my Bloglovin to read when I have a catch up 🙂 x

  2. Clare Mansell Reply

    I still get a little bit excited for you guys when I see your house. I know what a long journey it was to get there and it’s so great that you’ve finally got a proper home that no one can give you notice to leave. Love the floors and worktops in your kitchen too (I fear I may have said that last time, but I still love them)

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