Marwell after dark #onsafariwiththree

It’s not often we find ourselves putting M down for a late nap so that we can head off somewhere after dark. But when Three mobile ask you if you’d like to join them on safari at Marwell Zoo once everyone has gone home, to trial an LG Spirit on Pay As You Go, you can’t really turn that down!

three safari mobileBoth myself and Clara are huge Apple fans with O2 contracts, so we had no idea that Three’s PAYG offer the lowest in the UK market at 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p per MB of data. When we arrived we were handed an LG mobile and selfie stick and told to snap and upload as much as we could to social media, using £10 credit. Now to be honest I haven’t been on PAYG since I was a teenager, so I was a bit suspicious about how much I’d actually be able to upload. But after sharing ten or more pictures, I checked the credit and it had hardly budged, which was quite impressive. three selfie

As we headed into the zoo, M positively bounced with glee. We were told our first stop was the penguins and that we’d have to look closely as they had already taken themselves off to bed. M was so excited, it was really lovely to see him so interested in our environment. He was full of questions and thankfully the rangers were so lovely and a huge wealth of information.

three penguin

Next we were off to the cheetahs, leopards and then the giraffes. The giraffes were the highlight of our visit. Neither of us had even been so close to such an amazing animal. I got so close that one got with in millimeters of my hand. We left the giraffe house grinning from ear to ear.
lg spirit

We were then taken on a short journey on a land train pulled by a large tractor. I wasn’t sure M could be more in awe, but each moment seemed to add to his excitement. We spotted many more animals during our journey, before making a stop for the meerkats.

three safari train

three phone

three phone close up

The meerkats were not what I expected at all. They were 100 times cuter than anticipated. We discovered they were struggling with obesity due to over friendly visitors sharing their lunch and a couple of the meerkats posed for my snaps.

three meerkat

three lg collage spirit

I wanted to cuddle a meerkat so much, but they look like they could give you a nasty nip, so I refrained from scooping them up for a snuggle.

three meerkat stone

To round off the evening we were treated to a buffet fit for an after hours safari explorer, in the amazing house located in the middle of Marwell zoo. It really was such a perfect evening and we want to say a huge thanks to Three for inviting us along. We snapped our little hearts out, so hopefully showed how much you can upload on such a small amount of credit.

three standing meerkat

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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    That looks like such a fun day and Marwell zoo looks so fun, especially after dark. I love love love the photo of C and M pulling faces- that’s amazing! x

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