Master Builder

These past few weeks have involved me holding a screw driver and hammer for large amounts of time.

When I previously thought the nesting bug had bitten I was wrong. The nesting bug had just entered the room and was making that annoying sound mosquitoes make at 3am when ever you give up searching for it and turn the light back off.
I can safely say it’s well and truly sunk it’s teeth in and even managed to take a little bit of my sanity.

I absolutely love my role of Master Builder in our home. I relish every opportunity to rush to the random bits cupboard and retrieve my screw driver and hammer. I’ve asked Clara if I’m allowed a tool box but she says I have to work my way up to owning more tools first.
I see the nesting, or what I like to now refer to as the building period as a serious of mini tests you must pass before you’re allowed to take responsibility for a mini human.

The shelves test – I passed with only one shelf being a few millimetres out of place from the others. But they are level and safely secured to the wall. Which I count as a pass.

The storage test – This test I could have done with my eyes closed. I am a pro at Ikea furniture. Everything fits well and nothing wobbles.

The Crib test – This one was the really important test. The crib is a family heirloom. It came with four parts, five screws and no instructions. It may not seem many parts, but when this item is going to be holding your most precious cargo, it’s important to get it spot on. Which I did, first time. Another pass earned.

Which takes me to my final test this week. A Mamas & Papas baby bouncer. In the shop it had looked ridiculously easy to put together. But oh no, on removing it from the box it seemed to contain 50,000 different metal parts and just two tiny screws.
I spent about 20 minutes just trying to fit the metal pieces together. Our baby nearly ending up with a shiny metal jungle gym, instead of a cute, vibrating bouncy chair.

But I’m not a quitter. I persevered. I wasn’t going to let it beat me. Clara gave up watching me struggle after about 30 minutes. Which I was thankful of, as I was beginning to lose wife points.
Once I’d managed to line up the ridiculously microscopic screws with the right holes I was on a role. I did it. I’d passed the final and most hardest test.

Our baby now has shelves for its books and toys, storage for its clothes and nappies, a crib to get some well needed sleep and a super cute bouncer to chill out in.
I on the other hand have earned lots of wife points and a very happy pregnant wife. Which trust me is a great thing to have.

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  1. Ashleigh Reply

    Haha well done you- me and my boyfriend are both rubbish at building anything! My Mum set up the moses basket for us, his Uncle sorted the cot, and it took us an hour just to put up the bouncer and play gym! xx

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