May 2017 – Home Life Project

This month our home life has had a big change and I love that it coincided with the weekend I take our Home Life Project photos. I cheated a little this weekend as I have captured images on both days as I wanted the memories of our first two days with our new puppy Beau to be captured in full.

Chewing puppy toy

Home Life project sofa

Sofa snuggles

On the Saturday we decided to go see a puppy locally that was looking for a new home. We had no idea that 30 minutes after meeting we would be heading home with our newest addition. On arriving back home our new little pup raced around our home, exploring the garden and kitchen, before heading into the living room for cuddles.

puppy kitchen

new puppy bed

Everything at home has now changed completely. Routines are different, meal times are different and the time I get up in the morning now is very different. We’ve all completely fallen madly in love with Beau and look forward to documenting his growth as part of our family.

new puppy bed

Puppy racing garden

Puppy toy

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  1. Colette B Reply

    I’m so excited for you! I’m desperate to have a new puppy but I know it would be a sensible choice at the moment x

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    I will never tire of seeing photos of your puppy! SO CUTE and M clearly adores him too x

  3. claire Reply

    How exciting. Lovely photos. I’ve cheated a little and included photos from both days too.

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