Maybe Baby Brain?

My memory is not good at the best of times, but its getting worse.

I walk into a room & I don’t know why I walked in there.

I spend 5 minutes looking at my shoes trying to figure out which foot they need to go on.

I reverse the car into a pillar in a car park. It now has a lovey new grove in its side.

I struggle to remember how to turn the full beam lights of my car on and off.

I put a black bag of food waste into the general rubbish.

Etc . . . etc . . .

Is this what they call Baby Brain?!

Is every mother out there walking around with her shoes on the wrong feet, crashing their cars into posts, then crying because she threw the rubbish out wrong?! If you are out there I would very much like to meet you.

My mum said its nothing to worry about, that all mothers experience this. Then she told me how she walked around the supermarket the other day, worrying that she had forgotten her glasses, even though she was wearing them. Which kind of made me relax a little if I’m being completely honest.

Saying that, as I write this, I’m trying to remember where I put my glasses.

I’m sure they’ll turn up.

They’re probably in the freezer 😉


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