Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project – January

I’m often known to take a picture or two. I like to be the one behind the camera unless I can make sure I’m snapped from the correct angle. A lot of people have often commented on living the moment rather than looking at life through a lens. But I love having that moment to look back on for years to come

As a child my favourite activity was digging out my parents photo albums and looking at all the old pictures and trying to imagine what they were thinking at that exact moment the shutter clicked. Today we have the luxury of shooting an infinite amount of pictures and carrying them around in our pocket. But I still love sitting down and looking through an album. Which is why I gave C a photo album for Christmas, with the request that it be filled by Christmas 2013.

I have promised myself to be in more pictures so that Monkey can look back on pictures of us as a family.

MEandmine jan


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  1. mummyoftwo2 Reply

    That is a great idea – I’m hardly in any pictures with my two, most of them are just of my babies – I will try harder to take pics of all of us together!

  2. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Seems like you are already pretty fantastic at making sure you take a family portrait regularly. Well done you! And how gorgeous are all those ones you’ve posted?
    I think it’s so important to come out from behind the camera from time to time, as I know it will be pictures of all of us that we’ll all really treasure as the years pass.
    So welcome to Me&Mine, looking forward to what you share for February. X

  3. Mary at Keynko Reply

    A truly lovely picture – Monkey has such a beautiful expresion on his face! My first visit to your blog – but I;ll certainly pop back!!

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