Merry Christmas – 2012

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas Eve our little man has ever seen. Even though he has no idea how much excitement this day will hold as he gets older. Both C and I are excited to be starting traditions we hope to carry on for many years to come.

We will be spending the day with family and exchanging presents as it will be just the three of us on Christmas Day. Then on Boxing Day we will be with more family for more exchanging of gifts before collapsing in a pile of empty celebration wrappers and discarded toy boxes.


We’ve decided to only introduce two traditions this year and gradually introduce more as he becomes aware of Christmas.

The first tradition is the Christmas Eve present. After his bath he’ll be allowed to open (with assistance) two presents, one is a little dressing gown and the other is a Christmas sleep suit. We want this to be something we do every year so that on Christmas morning everyone’s in a nice new cosy pair of Pyjamas.

The second tradition comes from my childhood. Every year Father Christmas left my presents in a great big red Beano sack, I still have it. It always made me smile when I saw it so I wanted Monkey to have something similar. For his first sack we’ve only got him a little one but once he’s older we will upgrade the sack.

In a few years we will start a tradition which comes from C’s childhood. Each Christmas morning she woke up to a small stocking on the end of her bed full of small toys and sweets. This kept her busy until her parents woke up. As she grew up the presents turned into more mature presents like mascaras and lip balms, it’s something she always talks about with fond memories.

Christmas Day will be unlike any day we’ve ever had before. For both of us Christmas Day was always a big family day and this year we get to celebrate it with the family we’ve created. We shall be opening presents, watching Christmas films, cuddling our little man and eating too many chocolates.

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading.

How will you be spending Christmas Day?


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  1. K Reply

    That sounds so lovely.

    Two of my traditions (that S now loves) is opening cards on Christmas Eve so that they decorate the lounge on the day, and the other is snacking on chocolate biscuits for breakfast (this is so my sister and I didn’t fill up before the Christmas dinner) as I get crabby when I’m hungry. .

    S’s tradition is to drink (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere apparently).

    We hope you have a wonderful day. X

  2. michelle twin mum Reply

    I hope you had a wonderful day just the three of you. We love spending Christmas day just the 5 of us. I also had the same stocking tradition as C and still love it, my kids love it too now.

    Happy New year. Mich x

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