A Micro Scooter for an Adult?

When I was a teenager metal scooters were incredibly trendy, everyone seemed to have one, even my mum! I didn’t use to ride it far, just round the block, but it was good fun and also a great form of exercise. When C and I signed up for the Team Honk Relay, we decided we would do part of our relay on my old scooter. But then I saw a tweet from Micro Scooter asking if they could help Team Honk team members. My first thought was “A Micro Scooter for an adult?”. After checking out their site, I was impressed to see that they did indeed make a scooter that was suitable for an adult and it looked pretty funky too.


Although suitable for ten year olds and up, it does seem more geared towards those adults who are still young at heart. When the Scooter arrived we were so impressed. It’s so stylish and doesn’t look immature to be scooting round town on. The deck sits low to the ground which has caused me a few mini scrapes on particularly bumpy paths, but it reduces the pressure on the back of the scooter, you also feel in control more as you can easily jump your feet off the scooter. It has a front mud guard, which I have tested to the max. Finally it has nice Large wheels which means it takes less effort to scoot and can go super fast (not the I suggest this). It’s very easy to fold, requiring you to manipulate two screws which allow the folding mechanism to work. The only time I struggled with folding was on a very wet and muddy day, but this was due to cold hands.


After finishing our Team Honk scoot, I had been well and truly bitten by the Micro Scooter bug. I decided that it would be the perfect way for me to get fit for our Raising 4 Grayson challenges this year. So on the 20th Jan, I started my 100 Day Scootathon, a challenge to scoot every day without fail. It has been so much fun and I have seen a significant increase in my fitness, I have even been able to scoot uphill. I have also noticed my legs becoming more toned, which will really help during our Snowdon climb.

I have thoroughly tested this scooter to the max, I have scooted in the rain, through muddy leaves, during gale force winds, pretty much everything the instructions tell you not to do (so don’t try all these things, I am a scooting professional). It has not let me down at all. The quality of this Micro Scooter is very high and at no point have I felt it’s not stable to hold an adult. I feel like C needs one so we can go on Scooter rides together.


The White adult Micro Scooter retails at £139.95, which I think is very reasonable. You would spend a lot more on a bike and to be honest I have used this more than I have used any bike.

*Micro Scooters kindly sent me this for the Team Honk Relay and to Review, all views and opinions are my own.

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