Monkey is 3 Months old

This month we’ve seen the most changes in Monkey, it’s hard to believe he’s just 3 months old sometimes. We both feel that we’ve finally settled into being parents so can enjoy watching Monkey grow and discover all the new things he can do.

He continues to enjoy standing whilst supported and even enjoys propelling himself skywards if you let him. His head control continues to improve and he only lets it bob about if he’s sleepy. One of the things we’ve loved watching him do this month is learn to grasp things within his range of movement. We also notice that once something is in his little hand he tries his hardest to get it to his mouth. This means we are going through Milton wipes at an incredible rate

Monkey is really starting to babble and will spend ages engaging you in the cutest conversation you’ll ever have. Both of us enjoy special moments with him when he looks deep into your eyes and its as if he’s telling you about his day. We’ve both spent hours just enjoying his voice and interacting with him. He’s starting to recognise more family members and doesn’t look at them like they are strange.

Toys are becoming part of our everyday activities as he learns to respond to their sounds and touch etc. His favourite toys are Freddy the Firefly and Sophie the Giraffe. Monkey loves listening to us singing and even gurgles away when we sing one of his favourites.

At 3 months old he has totally mastered a fantastic range of facial expressions and always seems to make them at the right moment. He always has us giggling and we can’t wait to hear his giggle once he masters that.


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