Monkey is 6 months old

This month has been such a fun month of new discoveries, new foods, new sounds and lots of growing. I feel like each month we say we’ve seen the biggest changes, but this month tops all the others so far. M’s personality is growing everyday and takes after both of us in different ways. He loves to make you laugh and quite often gets me in trouble at bed time when he’s meant to be calming down. All his little sounds and noises he’s discovering make him sound like he’s engaged in an adorable endless conversation. I like to imagine he’s telling me about his dreams when he wakes and is telling me a story before he sleeps.

He loves to try and join in our singing especially if we are singing a particularly silly song. Despite not wanting him to watch much TV, he’s a big fan of Iggle piggle and I’ve been known to sooth him at 3am with episodes on YouTube. He’s a really rough and tumble little boy and loves to be flown through the air and spun around, I usually tire long before he does.

M has really surprised us with how much he loves his food, there’ve only been a few foods he hasn’t liked. Though I’m sure this could change at any point. His favourites seem to be, sweet potato, cucumber and banana. He amazes me everyday with how quickly he’s learning to hold his food and munch it into a sticky mess.

Another surprise is the rate at which he’s growing, he’s definitely not our teeny baby anymore. He’s almost grown out of some 6-9 months clothes and seems bigger each morning he wakes up. I don’t think it will take him many years to overtake me in height. We’re loving introducing M to new experiences and I think soft play has to be one of our favourite, he had so much fun on the slides and in the ball pit, it really is great seeing him so excited.

We can’t wait to see what next month holds.

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    6 months already?! How is that possible when I feel like he was just a brand new baby? I’m always so happy to read your updates and see all the cute pictures, so cute. Happy Valentines Day!

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