Monkey is 7 Months Old

This month has been the loudest month of all. Monkey loves the sound of his own voice and he loves it at ever increasing volumes. It’s crazy how much volume he can produce at 7 months old. He frequently joins in any song you attempt to sing and adds his own little twist to it. He’s also discovered he can scream at ear piercing volume, just for fun. I hold myself responsible for this as I like to encourage his range.

Bath time is becoming his favourite time of the day, as soon as his vest is off, he’s screaming and giggling with joy and practically leaps into the water. The water doesn’t bother him and he loves bubbles which is great as I do love a bubbly bath.

Reading at bedtime has become a more interact time of the day. M loves to touch the pages and really looks at you like he’s taking in every single word. Our favourite books to read this month have been, Wow said the Owl and Lost, which is a story about an owl. We seem to have an owl theme unintentionally occurring.

Monkey’s speech is really progressing and he’s starting to form different sounds each week. This week his most used phrase has been dadadadada whilst sticking his tongue out. Our little man likes to feel like he’s constantly on the go, he gets frustrated if he’s sitting down to long and would much rather stand than attempt to crawl. He’s making slight moves towards crawling but it frustrates him, I recon he’s not too far off.

More and more of M’s food is made up of finger foods. A favourite he recently tried was pancakes, he couldn’t get enough of them. There are the occasional foods he rejects but he’s very good at trying new flavours and textures.

Each day we are discovering new words that set M off giggling and it’s such a pleasure to watch him get such joy from things he’s learning. He’s becoming increasingly more cheeky too, which is a quality I love about him. His little cheeky smile just melts our hearts.

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  1. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Awwww, he’s so cute. His eyes are just so gorgeous. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. It seems like only yesterday he was born, but then my bubba is six months old in a few days and I’m not sure where that time went either. X

  2. Princesse Ecossaise Reply

    Aww he is super cute! I’m wondering how on earth you managed to get him to hold the mini blackboard & stay so beautifully still for the photo, it’s stunning! Aedan never stays still, all the photos I have of him recently are blurred!

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