Monkey by name, monkey by nature.

When we came up with a nickname to use on the blog for our little man, I chose a name I had long used as a nickname for myself. There was no special attachment to it, although we do both love Monkeys and visiting Monkey World, but it was a familiar nickname to us and so one we decided to use for our son.

We never thought he would take his nickname so literally as he has done recently. The other day whilst visiting our local park, we were climbing up and down one of the wooden climbing frames, when we decided to ask M if he could do it. We thought he’d look at it and say no or attempt the first rung and get scared. So you can imagine our amazement when he climbed onto the first rung then the second and kept on going. The climbing frame stands much taller than either of us and the top is out of my reach. So when Monkey neared the final rung I worried he would be too far out of my reach so Clara reached up and got him down. He was so happy with himself as we both stood open mouthed. Due to the fact my camera is always in my hand, I’d managed to get some snaps of his first climb. But we wanted further proof that we weren’t going crazy and our little Monkey just climbed something taller than us unaided.


Climbing high

I clicked my phone to video and asked if he’d like to climb again, without a thought he was off. This time he got a couple of rungs from the top and someone came in to the park. M is a very friendly soul and always looks to make friends, so he wanted off so that he could head to the part of the park the new visitor had gravitated to. We were both so impressed with the lack of fear he’d shown. We know fear is something you learn, but even so, I’m not sure either of us would have managed to do that at 20 months old.

Last weekend we started to take him to Baby Gym and have always encouraged his independence at the park. So you never know, we may be raising a future rock climber or extreme sports athlete. Either way, we are happy our little man is happiest when outdoors. It’s a quality we hope to nurture and encourage as he grows. The rewards we all share when he does something new are some of the best moments we have with him.


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  1. sabrina montagnoli Reply

    Wow seriously impressive stuff! It’s great though when they love the outdoors.

  2. Kate Fever Reply

    I love ssing little ones climbing, it’s so natural and inquisitive. #countrykids

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Such confidence and agility – well done to Monkey, baby gym sounds like a great place for him to hone his skills and develop his gross motor skills. It’s such a proud parent moment when you see them achieve new things, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Karen Bell Reply

    Aw, fantastic, great natural fun a bit of climbing #CountryKids

  5. Super Busy Mum Reply

    Oh he is just the cutest! They really have no fear in them do they, once they start to climb! Such a cutie. #countrykids

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